100% Pure Haul (Organic Skin Care)

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This is STEP 1 in my series of 23 steps to starting your own organic and natural skincare business. In this video we start with the most important first step you can take – creating your skincare.

I am the Director of Formula Botanica, the #1 international online Organic Cosmetic Science School and I work with hundreds of skinpreneurs all over the world every day.

Formula Botanica: http://www.formulabotanica.com
Herb & Hedgerow: http://www.herbhedgerow.co.uk
DIY Beauty Diva: http://www.diybeautydiva.com
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23 thoughts on “100% Pure Haul (Organic Skin Care)”

  1. LynSire Ⓥ says:

    Great haul! Can't wait to buy a few products from them.
    Thanks for checking out my channel :)

  2. ItsEwelina says:

    Grat haul! i just got a couple of things from 100% Pure and I can't wait for it to get here 😉 Oh I mostly got makeup.

  3. TammyTimeTV says:

    Your channel is amazing! I love these type of videos. Keep em coming! :)

  4. BeautybyMariela says:

    Thanks to you I discovered 100 percent pure line and I'm loving the goods I purchased from them. Now I think I want to try the nail polish to repair my nail that have been sooo weak and they chip easily lately :( Great haul girly <3 :)

  5. Jorge Fernandez says:

    really good organic products! thanks for sharing :)

  6. Courtney Pollock says:

    That serum looks really really nice! I have a lot of hyperpigmentation 😩 that sponge looks cool too. I've never used anything like that before. You should do a series!! 

  7. Courtney Pollock says:

    Those sunglasses are super cute! 

  8. Pippopunkie (Malinee Pimpamote) says:

    Is this brand available worldwide? I wonder if I can get it in my country. Thanks for sharing! :D

  9. Elissa Binion says:

    great haul:)

  10. ceegee xoxo says:

    I've never used a cleansing bar like that before but it looks interesting and I love roses and honey! Looks like you got some good stuff!

  11. jamballdonut says:

    So many lovely products in there! I think I might go look & see if there's any way to get them in Australia!

  12. Uche Nwaokocha says:

    Definitely want to try out that night serum! Sounds amazing, great haul girl & I love the sunnies

  13. AllthingsbyKang says:

    thanks for sharing girl! I really want to try some of these products!

  14. Paige Piskin says:

    I love this! great organic products <3!!!

  15. DyAnneNancoo says:

    Thanks for sharing doll great video

  16. ElegantRissa says:

    Awesome video! Those sunglasses are cool lol love your intro.

  17. ellassecret says:

    love that this is all natural ingredients! love your hair btw, it looks very beautiful and healthy :)) keep being beautiful! xx

  18. Cruelty Free Sara says:

    I have their cute lil loofah too and seat sunnies. Easy to store them in your bag that way 

  19. 7891midnight says:

    Those sun glasses are so cool! Where did you get them from? Also those 100 percent pure products look amazing! Can't wait to check them out!

  20. Geneva W. Cearnel says:

    Thank you so much!! I have a dream to start a business from my hobby.

  21. LipstickStained says:

    Hello! I love your channel! I'm new here on the Beauty YouTube Community and I'd love to hear your advice and subscribe if you like my videos! Thank you so much! :) XOXO

  22. Lorraine Dallmeier says:

    Have you watched the first 7 videos in my 23-step series on how to launch your natural skincare business? These first videos cover:
    – Creating your skincare
    – Finding what sets you apart
    – Designing your range with the upsell & cross-sell in mind
    – Complying with the law
    – Setting your overall business goal
    – Finding your niche
    – Discovering your ideal customer

    Keep checking in for the next 16 videos which will cover lots of information financing, marketing, branding, advertising and launching your skincare range!

    #skinpreneur   #naturalskincare   #skincare   #organicskincare  

  23. Lorraine Dallmeier says:

    I hosted and ran a seminar last weekend at the Organic & Natural Beauty Show on how to start your own natural and organic skincare business. Here is step 1 of my 23 steps!

    #skinpreneur   #skincareentrepreneur   #naturalskincare   #organicskincare   #startyourownnaturalskincarebusiness   #startyourownorganicskincarebusiness  

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