4 New Holy Grail Haircare and Bodycare Products (Super Affordable Green Beauty)

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I’ve recently discovered four new hair and bodycare products that have quickly taken a prominent place in my bathroom. I found a replacement for my old styling gel, a new leave-in conditioner (I’ve been looking for one forever), a nourishing curl oil, and a super natural, yet light body lotion. The best thing out of all is that I only paid for all of these products with the amazing reward program from eVitamins. Who doesn’t love amazing deals? I surely do, and I would repurchase each of these products within a blink of an eye. They’re awesome!

You can find all of the products on eVitamin: http://www.evitamins.com/?ref=vitalivesfree
If you make a purchase using the above link (or by entering my referral code vitalivesfree), you’ll get off your order and I’ll get rewards for referring you, too! You can do the same by getting your own referral code and recommending the site to your friends and family. Sharing is caring, and this company deserves it!

Alaffia Nourishing Curl Oil for Babies and Sensitive Curls http://www.evitamins.com/alaffia-nourishing-curl-oil-baby-111721
Alba Botanica Strong Hold Style Gel http://www.evitamins.com/strong-hold-style-gel-alba-botanica-4774
The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler http://www.evitamins.com/conditioning-detangler-the-honest-company-96456
The Honest Company Face and Body Lotion in Sweet Orange Vanilla http://www.evitamins.com/face-and-body-lotion-the-honest-company-113071

Simply yours,
Vita xx

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Quand j’ai acheté cette literie, je n’ai pas trouvé d’info sur la marque Bodycare.
Et je me suis dis, tiens ils parlent de ce matelas comme un moyen de “mieux récupérer”…Donc au final ce n’est pas le test d’une chaussure ou d’un accessoire de sport, quoi-que…Toujours dans le but de partage de l’info.
Les modélistes, ne regarder pas!!

9 thoughts on “4 New Holy Grail Haircare and Bodycare Products (Super Affordable Green Beauty)”

  1. Anna S says:

    I recommend you to try Shea Moisture, I love them, they're completely natural, clean and cruelty free, plus super affordable! I have 3B curly hair so their products suit me very well, I think you're type 2 curls, but I guess the lighter products would work for you, look them on youtube they're loved by many people, just goggle them and see.
    Camille Rose naturals are really great too, but not so affordable.

  2. Chemical Detox says:

    Great video hun! I just found your channel and subbed straight away, I love finding other natural, green Youtubers! xxx

  3. Joelle Hammerle says:

    You’re my soul curl sister. Thanks for the recommendations – I’ll look into the Alafia oil…:)

  4. Green Life In Dublin says:

    Wow, you must really love those products if you dedicated the whole video on them! I love it when the new products don't disappoint but end up being a faves :) I also really love the fact that you saved so much money getting these, l can't believe the price you paid for them! from your IG shot it was hard to tell whether they were full or sample size products, but now that l am seeing they are full sized, l am really impressed :) I have never used (or knew) this website, so l am really intrigued, now, what excuse can l use for a bit of shopping spree? haha, just joking! i don't need anything at the mo, but l really want to get my paws on the Honest products, and that hair oil definitely sounds amazing too, so l will keep that in mind. Hope life is treating you well! xo

  5. Michael King says:

    Have you tried MCT oil ?
    it has replaced most of my coconut oil use's….;)

  6. Aleen Robinson says:

    Carina Organics hair care line is amazing, it's better then any high end salon brands! I use the unscented extra genlte shampoo and the unscented deep treatment conditioner. The conditioner is soooooo good and it detangles really well.

  7. nancyyy021 says:

    Your hair is so pretty! <3

  8. fabien laymond says:

    Toujours des ventes sur Privatesportshop, si c'était à refaire je n'hésiterai pas pour cette marque de matelas.

  9. fabien laymond says:

    Attention information complémentaire concernant cette marque.
    J'ai reçu un coup de téléphone de la part d'une personne bienveillante qui a commandé un matelas sur ce site, et qui ne voyant pas arrivé son colis à donc entrepris des recherches…qui ont données que cette marque est en liquidation et c'est donc le "liquidateur" qui continu à distribuer je ne sais quoi dire, ce qu'il reste…
    Le webmaster n'existe plus, si l'on cherche des informations sur l'entreprise, elle ne contient plus d'employés…etc etc.
    Perso j'ai bien tout reçu, la personne qui m'a contacté aussi, mais cela va peut être s'arrêter, voilà vous êtes informé, même si cela reste une bonne literie, surtout par privatesportshop, site de ventes privées.

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