Anti Aging Products And Procedures That Work!

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The aging process begins the day you are born. For a while, it goes smoothly. As a child, you are a cute and naturally glowing little person, and in your later youth and early adulthood, your natural hormones, metabolism, and make beauty and maintaining a youthful glow almost effortless. However, as you grow older you find that it is not so easy. Lines and wrinkles begin to form, your skin becomes dull and loose, and you do not have the energy and stamina you once did. Anti aging products, services, and procedures exist specifically because this is a phenomenon we would all like to avoid. Thanks to advances in modern science, there are several options that are available to you; some are non invasive and relatively inexpensive, and others, at the other end of the spectrum, are quite invasive and complex. There are tried and true steps you can take to prevent the outward signs of aging. These include eating good food, including lean protein, whole grains, and lots of fruits and vegetables. The old wisdom to drink water all day long is also true; water keeps your skin and your body hydrated and in excellent working order. In addition, keeping your skin clean with a mild cleanser and moisturizing every day, as well as using sunscreen regularly, will give you the foundation of great skin and a healthy body that will make anti aging procedures and products less necessary down the road.

Topical Anti Aging creams, used before the onset of the outward signs of aging, can be instrumental in preventing lines and wrinkles. Those containing Vitamins A and E, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol, or copper peptides are therapeutic to the skin; they moisturize, repair damaged skin cells, stimulate the production of collagen, and slough off old, dry skin cells. Some of these products will help to hide or mask wrinkles after they have occurred, but prevention is far more advisable than a cure. Most of these creams are sold over the counter for a reasonable cost and are used easily in conjunction with a cleanser. Chemical Peels If you wish to take your anti aging efforts to the next level, you may be interested in trying chemical peels. These may include tricholoactic acids or hydroxy acids, and they are used to peel away the top layer or layers of skin cells. Chemical peels are mildly painful, but they are almost immediately effective. A single chemical peel will leave your skin noticeably brighter; regular chemical peels will have a profound impact on your anti aging efforts.

Injections Not as invasive as surgery but more severe than creams and peels, injections of chemicals like Botox and collagen will plump up the area behind the wrinkles you would like to eliminate. The injections affect the local area and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, offering anti aging benefits for up to about six or eight weeks. The down sides to choosing injections include the fact that they must be done repeatedly, as the effects are not permanent, and there is a risk of negative side effects. Surgery Of course, the final option in the hierarchy of anti aging options is plastic surgery. Using general anesthetic, board certified plastic surgeons can use invasive procedures to tighten your skin around your cheekbones, forehead, around the eyes, or under the chin. You can also have surgery done for the sake of weight loss or keeping various body parts smooth and tight. There are drawbacks to anti aging surgery, of course, including the cost, the recovery time, and the element of the unknown. The World Wide Web is rife with celebrities who did not achieve the desired results from their anti aging attempts.

In addition to using an anti aging cream like Lifecell for the removal of wrinkles it also advisable to improve ones lifestyle by eating right, working out and taking anti aging supplements like genf20 Plus, Genfx, GHR1000 and Sytropin.

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