Are Collagen Injections the Best Treatment For Aging

Collagen injections are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures nowadays. It works by filling in the gaps left due to decreased production of collagen as age increases. Unknown to most of consumers, the common sources of this foreign collagen are animals: especially cows, chickens, and pigs.

These collagen injections, however, may not be 100% effective. The body is known to possess a unique response against foreign material; it is via this mechanism that the body is able to survive despite continuous exposure to bacterial, viral and other chemical elements that seem to threaten the overall well-being of the human body. Because of this there is a high potential for an allergic reaction, which may result to the presence of rashes and other skin abnormalities. The foreign collagen may instigate a cascade of immune-mediated responses resulting to rejection, depending on the procedure and concentration.

Scientists and researchers are currently trying to produce synthetic collagen – an exact copy of the collagen found in humans. Their efforts have paid off and now, synthetic collagen is available, but only for specific medical emergencies such as skin reconstruction from burns. Sooner or later this will be available in the market and can be utilized for cosmetic purposes as well.

Collagen, along with elastin, is responsible for the smoothness, firmness and suppleness of the skin especially during youth. Collagen serves as support for tissues; elastin accounts for the flexibility of the tissues, allowing it to return back to normal after application of stress. Its production is inversely proportional with age, thus upon aging, sagging and wrinkling takes place. We are talking about the natural collagen here. Although there is a positive response of consumers towards foreign collagen, there is no complete guarantee against adverse effects.

Aside from the option for injection, there is also another option: the use of organic products that stimulate the growth of the natural collagen. Stimulation collagen production would lead to a younger looking appearance, with firmer, smother skin without possible adverse reactions, costly visits to a physician, not to mention hospital and professional fees.

It is encouraging to note that a skin care company based in New Zealand has come up with techniques on how to stimulate the aging body to create increased levels of collagen. Cynergy TK is one product which utilizes the abilities of functional keratin (which Cynergy TK is one of) in stimulating collagen production. This protein is an all-natural ingredient extracted from sheep’s wool, and this is one of the most successful tools available for remedy against wrinkles. Other powerful substances are formulated in combination with Cynergy TK for an overall moisturizing effect. This includes manuka honey, which is also a great help in the collagen production process.

Collagen injections act rapidly but may not be the safest answer against wrinkles. It high time to reassess natural choices which work for the same goal: helping the skin maintain and create a youthful look. The aging process cannot be reversed, but can be delayed. So why choose products that may threaten the body in general?

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