Are the Natural Skincare Products That You Use Truly Safe?

Many people today are concerned about their health. They want to avoid serious health problems such as: obesity, heart disease and cancer so they do everything that they can to avoid these illnesses. They exercise, watch what they eat, and never smoke or drink to excess. But, even the most careful, health-conscious person may not know that the natural skincare products that they use on their bodies may actually be harmful to their health.

People read the words: natural skincare and they immediately equate the term “natural” with safe. But, this isn’t the case. If you read the label on some of the most popular skincare products you might find one or more of the following listed as one of the ingredients:


Ethanolamines (diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, triethanolamine)

Parabens (ethyl, butyl, methyl etc.)


All of these chemicals are suspected carcinogens (cancer causing substances). If you are doing everything you can to stay healthy and live longer; why would you want to use these products?

Along with known or suspected carcinogens; some natural skincare products also contain alcohol, (specifically methyl, isopropyl, SD, benzyl and ethanol) and/or mineral oil and fragrance. While not as dangerous as the other things each of these have a negative impact on the body as well. Alcohol strips away the body’s natural oils causing the skin to become dry. Mineral oil clogs the pores and may lead to acne and fragrances may cause an allergic reaction in people sensitive to them.

If I am a person who is actively concerned about my health; must I stop using natural skin care products all together or are there products available that are truly natural and safe?

Happily the answer is yes! There are natural skincare products that do not contain these substances at all. Instead they use ingredients that have been proven to be completely safe and very effective. If you read their labels you will ingredients like:

Wakame: (sea kelp found only in the waters of Japan) which helps heal dry skin.

Active Manuka Honey: provides a strong anti-bacterial defense against harmful bacteria that may be present on your skin. This protection not only helps in the prevention of acne and more serious skin infections such as staff and MRSA; but, it also restores and rejuvenates your skin cells making you look younger and healthier.

Olive oil, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil: These are all natural oils that help restore moisture to the skin. Unlike, mineral oil, they are easily absorbed by the body so they don’t clog pores or cause acne.

Functional Keratin: This substance is derived from the wool of sheep. If you are using natural skincare products to remove wrinkles and fine lines from your face; you will want to see functional keratin on the label. Functional keratin has been clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Eating right, exercising, avoiding smoking and drinking to excess are all great ways to reduce your health risks. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by applying natural skin care products that contain harmful, possibly carcinogenic chemicals to your body. Instead, choose natural skincare that is free from all these harmful substances and only contain ingredients proven to be truly safe and effective.

Lauren Masters is a passionate researcher of skin care health products. She articulates her opinion at Healthy Skin Answers. To learn about effective skin care products that Lauren recommends after extensive product comparison, visit

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