Beautypedia Reviews: Clinique Superdefense Eye Cream SPF 20

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Whether you consider eye creams a “must have,” or just think of them as nice extras, if you’re going to use one make sure it’s loaded with beneficial ingredients! Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Eye Cream SPF 20 is a great example of a formula that gets it right, and I’ll share the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s right for you. – Nathan

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21 thoughts on “Beautypedia Reviews: Clinique Superdefense Eye Cream SPF 20”

  1. anano kochiashvili says:

    hello Nathan, i am 16 years old so can i use this eye cream?

  2. Marjan hashemi says:

    thanks for video. can we use this product at night before going to bed? because I am often busy during the day to use it

  3. Moomin Ferby says:

    Nathan could you tell us your eye treatment/cream favourites? it would be great if you could do a round up of your faves and show us your routine ?

  4. Silas Grecco says:

    Im on my second tube and it changed my life, makeup become less wrinkled, really good!

  5. MeL MeL says:

    Hi Nathan I'm having mini milia around my eyes, do u have any solution for that??

  6. Dyann Lynn says:

    Another stellar review, Nathan; thanks so much! Throughout the years, the informative, science-based reviews from Paula and her team have been invaluable to me. Words can't adequately express my sincere appreciation for all the knowledge, research and advice you've all provided. I purchased one of Paula's books over 10 years ago and – oh my gosh – what a gem! To this day, I won't invest in skincare products, unless they've been reviewed and well rated by you – the experts at Beautypedia! On countless occasions, I would've spent a small fortune on useless and/or harmful products – were it not for your guidance. (Undoubtedly, saved me a lot of stress and frustration as well!) I guess you could say, I literally won't go to the cosmetics counter without you…all of you! Forever grateful ~

  7. Jennifer Ellis says:

    I'm confused. I've always been told an eye cream isn't an option. That the skin around the eyes is thin & eye creams are specially formulated to absorb properly, that if you use a face product in the eye area your not getting the full affect that an eye cream gives you. Plus I have this product, & use it regularly & its not anywhere close to empty. I've had it several months so I'm wondering how it only lasts a few weeks. But, also, it makes my eyes water like crazy, I've always assumed it was the sunscreen, but maybe not.

  8. Shangri La says:

    Thanks for the review! I was wondering if there's any way to tell if this eye cream will cause milia? My under eye area is very prone to that. :(

  9. OneFlorida Hippie says:

    Love this eye cream! Was scrolling through the reviews on PC website and came across this. I use it over Olay Regenerist Fragrance Free Serum, as that is what I use for an eye moisturizer.  And it is thick enough to use as a filler on a "1" I have forming between my eyebrows and the brighteners diminish the appearance of the "1". The brighteners last longer if I don't use the Olay, but it is thick and tugs my eye area without it, so I must use Olay every time.

  10. Elle Labelle says:

    Hi can u please advise me on a sunscreen and on a hydrating, good coverage concealer specifically for under the eyes. I'm in the fifties & my skin is dry.thanks 

  11. Beauty Fan says:

    Hi Nathan, I would like to ask your opinion about a brand called InstaNatural, they offer a Retinol Cream with 2.5% retinol. would be great to hear your thoughts on that! Thx a lot :)

  12. Sofia lee says:

    Nathan, what are your thoughts on the new Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50? Does SPF work over makeup?

  13. elvida17 says:

    can you review some of the newer rimmel foundations (lasting finish and wake me up) and the wake me up concealer?

  14. Rainie Le says:

    I wonder if paula choice has eye cream with spf or any sunscreen can use for the eye?

  15. Beauty Psycho says:

    Great review, I think I will get this eye cream. One critique though, I've never seen anyone with oily undereye area, I don't think it is possible :). Undereye skin doesn't produce oil, it can be either normal or dry.

  16. Shaw Catherine says:

    I own and enjoy using this Clinique eye cream. I rotate it with a lotion-like SPF sun block from DHC, which also brightens the eye area. The products seem to last and last, each one more than a few weeks. More like a few months each.

  17. leelee341 says:

    Hi! Can you guys do a review on the Lorac Pro Palette and the Pro Palette 2? :-)

  18. afic10 says:

    Thanks for the reviews!!! Please please start reviewing By Terry if not the collection at least the most cult like products, light expert foundation since YSL similar foundation has been discontinued, thanks.

  19. Cindy I. says:

    can you please review BareEscentuals and Laura Mercier foundation, tinted moist, setting powder etc? thanks

  20. Molly Dickson says:

    Great video. I agree your skin looks great. Can you do a video about your skincare routine?

  21. Herlinda De La Rosa says:

    which is the best for dryness and fine lines???…I'm 28 years old….

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