Bella Lucce Manuka Honey Drizzle at BG Makeovers Advanced Skin Care

Try our Belle Lucce Manuka Honey Drizzle…!product/prd4/3742408721/bella-lucce-manuka-honey-drizzle
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benefits healing pure real original acne cure skin care عسل الغابة السوداء حقيقي العسل النقي الأصل تناول الخام عضوي شراء في تايلاند
ضمان استعادة الاموال لتايلند العسل
순수한 원시 마누카 꿀 구매 원래
มานูก้า น้ำผึ้งบริสุทธิ์แท้ สั่งซื้อออนไลน์ กรุงเทพ ประเทศไทย
pur manuka premières miel achat originale
чистый сырой меда Манука купить оригинальные
manuka honey FROM NEWZEALAND DETAIL in thailand Bangkok i try my best to show some of my honey from collection, hope you like my first try with manuka videos information

I recommend to buy as my experience best brands top 5

1 = comvita manuka honey ( VIDEO CAN SEE MY CHANNEL)

2 = summerglow manuka honey ( VIDEO CAN SEE MY CHANNEL)

3= mgo manuka health 400mgo ( VIDEO CAN SEE MY CHANNEL)

4= honey mark manuka honey (Video my youtube channel )

5= raw manuka mountain valley (Video my youtube channel )

healthfoodco newzealand manuka honey (Video my youtube channel )

i have some stock for sell too ,if someone interested,thanks

They are best soo far but recommendation can change by quality and time … before summerglow was 1st but comvita beats all..

Can see my Facebook . Manukahoney.thailand

Or can WhatsApp me for more information +66616766616

line id is manukahoneythailand

2013 AUG 05
Video Rating: / 5

19 thoughts on “Bella Lucce Manuka Honey Drizzle at BG Makeovers Advanced Skin Care”

  1. Sara Farah says:

    what do you think of the Manuka Doctor Bio Active Honey, 15 Plus? is it even real manuka honey? since it doesnt have much info…..


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  3. abifa01 says:

    Yes. Thats real manuka thanks Alhamdullillah brother. Help to show real products

  4. Anne Cooper says:

    I love Manuka I currently Own 3 type of Manuka honey, I purchased a combita umf +5 a month ago, That one taste great. Another one QueenBee Active 12+ , lovely taste I use this one everyday on my porridge, and I also just got another one Manuka Rowse NPA 15+, My boyfriend purchased that one for me since he sees that I love Manuka so much he also wanted me to have a better one with higher UMF or NPA Honey to test it healing property, Although Manuka are very expensive it kind of like a luxury to have, so told him to to let me Finnish them all off before we get another one.

  5. Ian Sby says:

    Hi manukahoneythailand, Last month I bought manuka honey 200 mgo and the color was dark brown, and now I buy the new one with same brand and mgo200 too, but the color in the new one is yellow , is it normal?


    how can I reach pure manuka honey in Pakistan

  7. JPD says:

    looks like you have $2k worth of honey there.

  8. Krysten Chambers says:

    I have 2 raw manuka honey high active 15+ from new Zealand now I just bought one like yours the other day 100%pure NZ mgo 100+ manuka honey in the blue lid bottle. What's the difference in MGO 100+ and active 15+ or higher to be medical grade. Is the blue lid manuka health new Zealand honey not as strong a medical grade or is it stronger. I would think 100+ was bigger then 15+ then again on says mgo the other says active. What is the difference? Thank you!

  9. Ian Sby says:

    Helo do you know a brand of manuka honey "Australia by nature" ? Which is better with comvita? Thx

  10. Valentine DIY prepper says:

    Thanks for video.
    One Q: Why barcode on the yours jars some one start from 5 some from 9?

  11. Marilyn Summit says:

    Yes I do believe this is really Winnie the Pooh.

  12. manukahoney thailand says:

    many people take honey as antibiotics like  everything will ok in 1 or 2 days, we are not robots can fix in 1 day , sickness or problems come inside in few months or days but we knows only when its appear in body or we feels ,soo it takes little time to go by naturally give time to heal , if we take doctors medicines its effect fast sometimes but destroy and more Side effects come later on, in shape of cancer or liver or kidney fails .reasons that dangerous medicines doctors use for all human same antibiotics but don't tell why they get and how to cure from food and cure from life style change, late sleeping habits , over work , stress, not proper diet and nutrition's we need cure from them and exercise on top learn more knowledge and research is key don't be slave of doctors and hospitals more then that its only business of billions dollars …….if
    we need for skin problems eating honey means its will go in your blood and your skin grow and roots from internal blood system not external soo people forget if our blood body inner inside strong and clean and skin problems can cure faster rather then use only external and inner is weak

  13. VOLightPortal says:

    Most manuka honey in supermarkets are fake… sales outnumber production. they are added with food coloring, lower quality honey, and high fructose corn syrup. Most actually are Made in China…

  14. Zafran Khan says:

    Sidr honey yemen, thats the ONE!

  15. Kristan Marcaida says:

    Give me one haha 

  16. Amarah Syeda says:

    Hey I want to purchase 100% cold pressed raw honey unpasteurized. Which manuka honey is closest to raw and the strongest form? Thanks

  17. Bruce Currie says:

    sa wat dee   great video takes guts to make it and post. Many people have opinions on brands but like you say comes down to taste. If you want to apply maybe umf or mgo rating more important. I have been eating it for over 50 yeras,  i have eaten many different brands and visited isolated areas of nz looking for the best , bruce 

  18. Junrong says:

    Not sure whether on purpose but you sound totally like winnie the pooh bear.

  19. imoutodesho says:

    If u trust UMF, go to UMF website and see Licensee list, only buy manuka honey from those licensee company. I just bought 2x500gr manuka honey. If i don't feel any better after, I will go back to raw honey.

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