Century old natural soap – Prevent hair loss – SOAP NUT(মণিছাল)

Most commercial soaps & shampoos contain chemical surfactants but soap nuts (Assamese-মণিছাল) is natural & used by peoples for centuries. No skin or respiratory irritation & non-toxic also require less water to rinse. This versatile little berry is great for washing hair. It’s even used to prevent hair loss permanently. Each berry can be used up to 6 times before it’s spent & it is Hypoallergenic – i.e. No skin or respiratory irritation and non-toxic.
Watch how to wash your clothes & ornaments with soap nut berries at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOYj6RmiRIY
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—————————————————————————————————————-FRENCH GREEN CLAY SOAP – Essential oils in this soap are Cederwood, Sweet Orange, & Peppermint.
INVIGIORATING is the keyword for this soap.
These clays contain valuable elements, which include montmorillonite, several important mineral oxides, magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosporous, silicon, copper, and selenium. The colors of these clays result from the richness of one or more oxides, flora and various minerals unique to the region from where they are mined…
Further to this each clay soap is made with raw shea butter to which a blend of essential oils are added giving them unique therapeutic abilities.
It makes a very rich, silky lather in the soap.
This soap like our all other products contain:
No animal products
No pigments or dyes
No fragrance oils
No phthalates
About Indian Earthy Naturals:

100% Natural, Organic “Cold Processed” Handmade Soaps, Unscented Beeswax-Soywax blend tealights, Body Butter, Lip Balms and many more……….

Natural Soaps: Skin is the largest organ of our body that is exposed to outer environment and protects our body. Whatever you apply on skin is absorbed within minutes.

Long term application of commercially available skin care products laden with chemicals result in skin related issues. Most toxins absorbed through the skin find way to the liver, resulting in liver damage and other chronic diseases. It is one of the reasons of epidemic rise of skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin problems.

Choosing natural handcrafted soap & skincare products ensures a healthy and
beautiful skin.

Indian Earthy Naturals’ products are made in small batches using 100% natural
ingredients. We offer consumers uniquely formulated soaps & skincare products that are both functional and beautiful.

Balms, Body Butters: Usually made with a combination of shea butter, virgin olive oil, virgin coconut, kokum butter, rice bran oil, pure beeswax, herbal extracts, herbal pastes & essential oils.

Unscented beeswax soywax blend tealights: 100% pure, improves air quality, binds with air borne bacteria, viruses, dust allergens improving air quality, 4 to 4.5 hour of burning time. Absolutely safe, natural, and pure alternative to commercially available paraffin tealights, which are toxic and detrimental to health.
Indian Earthy Naturals 100% Natural Handmade products made with the goodness of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. All pictures and videos are copyrighted. Visit www.indianearthynaturals.com.

7 thoughts on “Century old natural soap – Prevent hair loss – SOAP NUT(মণিছাল)”

  1. Angelina Princesses says:

    I have the same problem.when ever I apply home made shampoo on oil hair it doesn't works.

  2. niggisch111 says:

    Hey where are you from ? :)

  3. Philomena D'Souza says:

    After doing a head oil massage I washed my hair with the home made soap nut shampoo and found the my hair was still very oil.

  4. hamburgmario1 says:

    My sweet Girl so happy by Hair wash

  5. Summer Rae says:

    Where can I buy the soapnut I never heard of it until I watched this vedio

  6. Honey Pot says:

    thank you!

  7. KhmuPrinceCharming says:

    Where can buy that?

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