Controversy Over Natural Soap?

Life is just crazy, isn’t it? Will things ever go back to a gentler time and slower paced days? I do not have an answer for that and trust me on this, we are no smarter now than our grandparents and great grandparents were. At least they knew what was in the food they were eating as well as their soap. It would not have occurred to them to question ingredients because they did not have to. And natural was not in their vocabulary – “natural – what’s that?

Soap Was Just Soap

Soap was soap. It was not natural soap or even handmade, because everything was already natural and handmade. It is just a case of splitting hairs, I say, and this does not make us more educated or knowledgeable, only more confused and bogged down by a contradiction in terms.

Fearing A Soap Bar?

So why is there such a debate over natural soaps and why is everyone so afraid of their own shadow? One ingredient causes this, another causes that and pretty soon, there are no ingredients left. Even the use of essential oils, which are also considered “natural”, though many are produced by the use of solvents, are questioned.

And the person who is hearing all of this thinks they are wiser and more educated than the person who knows nothing. But eventually, after passing on this soap and that because “We don’t do chemicals” becomes a nightmare. Does the “We don’t do chemicals” extend to the clothing you wear, the medicines you take, the food, even the air we breathe?

It is good to just stop and let things die down a bit. Just enjoy using your natural soap – it cannot hurt, only help, if nothing else the spirit to recover from the harrowing trip to the grocery store or after reading the day’s news of natural disasters (that’s natural!)

Just the Smell of It Is Worth It

Even if it is only 95% natural and contains a synthetic fragrance that makes face smile and eyes close in delight, isn’t it worth it just for the sheer delight of using it? Your skin knows and responds to the soap and in time, maybe your soul will too.

Now, a person feels like they are not doing their job if they do not question what is actually in this food we are eating, or this soap we are using, or the lotion we are using. That is why there are so many companies on the internet selling natural soap – the soap in the store has been made with detergent additives since World War 2. They lather, they get you squeaky clean, and they strip your skin of protective oils and good bacteria. They are not true soap, or pure soap, or even natural soap.

Not everyone has jumped on this bandwagon, but I think that I sure do want to know what is in the soap that they are using. I read the labels because I am supposed to, aren’t I? How about you?

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