DIY Natural Acne Treatment

Today I will show you natural acne remedies :) How to cleanse your face and fight acne with natural ingredients!

You can buy any raw, unfiltered honey and any raw, unfiltered ACV! Just ask in your local grocery store.
Manuka honey is hard to find, you can check out health food stores and you can also buy it online! :)

manuka honey:

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20 thoughts on “DIY Natural Acne Treatment”


    What if you dont have the vinegar
    Pls reply 😓😓

  2. ASHLEY GOMEZ says:

    you remind me of allesia cara

  3. Sweetlele says:

    Oh that's a clever way thx u sweety 😆😁💕

  4. Christyy wong738 says:

    use tomato mask at least once in a week will reduce redness on your face and will make your face look more glossy 😊😂, btw thx for the tips 😍😚

  5. The Public Square says:

    I use Tea Tree Oil to fight acne, its very effective.

  6. Taniya Carter says:

    I don't know why I'm here i have no acne yet. I'm 10. Lol

  7. Taniya Carter says:

    Your skin is so beautiful!

  8. Andrea Gomez says:

    Penny what do you use for moisturizer after???? I tried this and my skin feels dry after.

  9. Jazmine Jaquet says:

    do you wear makeup in your videos?

  10. Jazmine Jaquet says:

    do you wear makeup in your videos?

  11. Raoua Bensalem says:

    Could I try this even if I have really sensitive skin ? I'm scared my skin would react to the vinegar.

  12. Annisia Arreguin says:

    does anybody know if you use the manuka honey if you also still use the apple cider vinegar

  13. ek c says:

    no need for soap?

  14. SierraLizLife says:

    Baking soda works really well as an exfoliant. Just don't scrub too hard or you'll hurt your skin.

  15. Nadoosh 3151 says:

    her chin iss sooo sharp!!!

  16. AG rocks AG says:

    How often do u use that method in a week

  17. Ann Ononomouse says:

    Another great way to rid yourself of acne, and totally brighten up your skin, is use Shea Naturals African Black Soap in the bar form.

  18. Daniela Makmil says:

    oh no! i just did the ice tip for 10 minutes and my face are red and it's not coming off

  19. xMariex says:

    I have a manuka honey mask and I didn't realize that it was good for acne! :D

  20. dada lala says:

    can you please tell me where you got those beautiful earrings?

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