EXTREME BINAURAL Spa treatment ear-to-ear with New Anti-Aging Products

Today I am giving you a EXTREME BINAURAL spa treatment ear-to-ear with some oil free Anaiti Products, more from www.anaiti.com (you can tell I really love it haha).
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*Update: Even though this was filmed awhile ago, many of the products are still available. Here is a list of the products and where you can purchase them:

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift and Firm Moisture Cream SPF 30

Vichy LiftActiv Retinol HA Night http://bit.ly/11RRjfh
Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex http://bit.ly/13LqBGc
Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Serum http://bit.ly/15zxpCv
Fresh Sugar Acai Age-Delay Body Cream http://bit.ly/12sGU4A
Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Lotion http://bit.ly/15zxJBj
No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Hand Night Cream http://bit.ly/14QNpBh
Olay Regenerist Filling + Sealing Wrinkle Treatment http://bit.ly/13LriiV
Clarins Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel http://bit.ly/13LrnTH
Peter Thomas Roth ‘FIRMx Growth Factor Extreme’ Neuropeptide Serum http://bit.ly/12sPLTR
Kinerase Restructure Firming Cream http://bit.ly/11S3dWg
DDF Discoloration Reversal-POD http://bit.ly/12sQ4xT
Clinique ‘Redness Solutions’ Instant Relief Mineral Powder http://bit.ly/12sQ9lj
Lierac by LIERAC Apaisance Anti-Redness Fluid Cream http://bit.ly/12sQcOb
Banana Boat Ultra Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 50 http://bit.ly/13LApA1
Shady Day Daily Soothing Wipes for After Sun Care http://bit.ly/12sQqVm

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40 thoughts on “EXTREME BINAURAL Spa treatment ear-to-ear with New Anti-Aging Products”

  1. 69stevo666 says:

    Great video WhisperingRose ASMR . My favourite of yours . Could you do a new facial lotion video up close like this was perfect : )

  2. Jack Frost says:

    THE TINGLES!! Love this vid, so relaxing. Thank you!

  3. JohnNadaUK says:

    This one is brilliant. Thank you!

  4. Quiwi says:

    I'm use youre Videos, for go sleeping 😁 I like your smooth voice

  5. thehammaboy says:

    Hey i'm a huge fan of yours and i like your videos so much and i watched every single video but i have just a little request , Please Please If u can make a video scratching your hair with your hands that will be so amazing , Thank you FOr making me all the time relaxed

  6. Ashok Tudu says:

    just awesome….magical

  7. gerardo Terra Future says:

    youre asmr its so goood and youre so hot . i love it

  8. bilgerat23 says:

    Yay! I love your spa videos!

  9. Vinnie Vidivici says:

    Sassy haircut.

  10. Joe Maldonado says:

    wow! your still gorgeous as ever

  11. MissBunnyWhispers says:

    You're so sweet

  12. sarah lauterberg says:

    I love your new hair cut its so pretty

  13. Jennifer Varnado says:

    LOVE your hair!

  14. Andrew McGraw says:

    I'd like the full experience at the anaiti spa!

  15. Dkyd89 says:

    Love the new hair!

  16. ASMRamateur says:

    your new haircut fits you really good. you look amazing :)

  17. WindRoseProducties says:

    Your hair! LOVE IT.

  18. thirtiesgurl says:

    Completely non-ASMR related, but I love your new haircut! Looks fab on you.

  19. kelli king says:

    Holy cow it sounds like you are right there!

  20. Scott Knox says:

    i don't know if it's just me, but this entire video i had "watch next" box on the bottom of my screen an i could not close it. really kinda ruined it for me, but again idk what the cause was or if thats even something you can address.

  21. Emma Perry says:

    Thx, great info Mernie! I highly recommend Maxelder argan cream … I use it twice a day and I love the way it makes my skin feel like it’s refreshed… I feel that it has helped my facial skin to stay younger looking … My mom even stated that she thinks I look younger than my twin sister. I was upset when. I’m sure if you try it you will like it!! you can find it at w..…nyarganoil.….c

  22. Chunky 2Spunky says:

    You look so innocent here…not that you aren't..lol

  23. buncari says:

    If you really want to try excellent anti-aging skin care, then you should try Dr. Hauschka – it is super expensive but worth every penny. For example try the "firming mask" – I apply a very thin layer underneath my regular day cream and all the fine lines disappear. Thank God I don't have deep wrinkles yet. Plus it is not tested on animals like most other cosmetics.

  24. Katty K says:

    Ok good

  25. m.s. mary says:

    I am guilty as charged on the Chanel front.  I have used it for years, in fact I was trying to think of something else I've used and felt as good on my skin.  I have tried the Olay products in hopes that I may save some money but I actually do see a difference when I don't use high end skin care.  It could also been that I have both sensitive and dry skin. I suppose this isn't much help, but we all have our splurges. I find that skin care lasts a long time so it seems cost effective in the end. Lately I have started using some Estee Lauder for daytime and the ultra high end cream that was $300 or 350 is now around $75 as I think it didn't sell very well.  It's the Revitalizing Supreme in the gold jar and it is wonderful.  I don't own a LV bag yet though so as I said we all have our things, this comment was probably very unhelpful.  Sorry=[

  26. RealBeautiful Beauty says:

    Oh my goodness your dog sitting in the chair is adorable, what is his/her name? I was listening to you and looking at that cutie.. lol

  27. Beauty Lover says:


  28. Beauty Lover says:

    I use boot no 7 night cream n also their eye cream from their list and luminate line 

  29. abadiqaisy123 says:

    I think natural treatments are better than products made in stores

  30. Jen M says:

    Aw dog! Anyway my mom's fav anti aging cream is one called Monsia and it's apparently expensive but worth it. It's like a kit with cleanser, toner and night/day cream so you have this regime to follow. Just leaving it out there in case someones interested!

  31. Marla Robinson says:

    That was an interesting study. My retin A, sunscreen, and tarte maracuja oil are my favorite anti-aging products.

  32. PlanetCharn Baby says:

    Thank you for the great information. I recently bought some Boots #7 after a recommendation from a friend.  

  33. kimberly Carrera says:

    Thx, great info! I'm always on the look for not that expensive eye & face serums, yea should have started in my 20's : ( Found to check out some that I haven't, keep them coming!!!

  34. Marnie Goldberg says:

    I haven't, but a friend of mine just started working for them so I might give them a go.

  35. Rosemary Byrne says:

    Hello. I love this video. Have you ever used any Rodan and Fields products?

  36. RealBeautiful Beauty says:

    I have tried all kind of Boots no. 7 products. Ranging from skincare to makeup. I really don't care for this line of products with the exception of the face balm, I did a quick review a few weeks back for this product. So far out of all the money I have spent at target for boots one item is all I like..

  37. Marnie Goldberg says:

    He's a Weimaraner.

  38. RealBeautiful Beauty says:

    What kind of dog is the big one ?, very adorable..

  39. Marnie Goldberg says:

    No, not from hypothyroidism.

  40. twist42ac says:

    Do you have brown patches on yur face from hypothyroidism? I do and I have been trying to get rid of them for years. I also have hypothyroidism.

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