FAQ’s Acrylic and Gel Nails

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20 thoughts on “FAQ’s Acrylic and Gel Nails”

  1. Mili Zubiria says:

    why do people talk about things they don't know….

  2. Kayla Middleton says:

    I got acrylic my whole life… Tips then powder n wet stuff , but last time I got all my nails taken off and they were long so she said lets do gel… So I said sure why not? She didn't put a tip but she did do the powder and wet stuff then a gel polish.. So did I'm confused lol

  3. XoXoAviaSchoendorferXoXo says:

    they do have gel in powder form as well what you had was liquid gel

  4. Talia De La Torre says:

    Do you get gel fills now over the acrylic or are you growing the acrylic out all the way? Same thing happened to me I even said "thats not gel" and they insisted that they just had a powdered gel that every salon does it different :( it was in fact acrylic. So now I have a gel set with an acrylic fill wondering if I can get my next fill with gel.

  5. Zelah Fines says:

    Thankyou so much! I have spent more on 'gel' when there was also an acrylic option, and now realise I was getting acrylic anyway! :( I will definitely not let that happen again thanks to your video :)

  6. maria medina says:

    I've never had staining from acrylic nails.

  7. Sara Dickens says:

    Very helpful, thanks! :)

  8. VavesLenna says:

    cry cry cry i get the wrong nails
    oh jesus…

  9. ST Nath says:

    how to apply gel polish to fake nails?

  10. Chené Venter says:

    This was really helpful.

  11. Jannet 5sos says:

    about how much did the gel nails cost? I'm thinking of getting them :)

  12. velisima100 says:

    Haaaa happened to me too

  13. caroline royer says:

    4:00 you are referring to a form.

  14. Divya Ramireddygari says:

    Exactly what I was looking for … so so so helpful video.. thanks !

  15. mellowmel says:

    haaaahaaaa legit just had this happen to me x( but they still look nice, but facckkk

  16. Mary Jane Holland says:

    Heads up, a full gel nail will be built up with layers of a gloopy gel. Expect a lot of trips into the UV light. What the tech did was used a nail form to sculpt the nail with builder gel. The powder is acrylic powder and the liquid is liquid monomer. Thanks to shite nail techs, I now have a severe allergy to the monomer, so I have to wear those stupid ass glue ons. Be careful out there, ladies.

  17. Narra Whit says:

    Thank you for this video! Very helpful! Sorry for your bad experience tho. 😔

  18. Tonja Casimir-Buckner says:

    Forms, that's what she used. Sculptured nails can be gel ir acrylics. If done properly they will not damage your nail bed.
    This video could have been called my nail salon experience, facts not so much as opinion.
    You can do a gel overlay just like acrylic. You can also do acrylic with a gel overlay.
    Sorry you had such a problem at that salon. I'd stay away from "discount" nail salons. They're discount for a reason . They cut corners and use "blends" that they mixed in their own. Acrylic powder is often dental acrylic. The liquid monomer may have MMA in it. All products should be labeled. It's always okay to ask what they're putting in your nails.

  19. MoBo72 says:

    The liquid is monomer.

    This is a big scam of "traditional" nail salons. I've been a tech for over 20 years. I'm constantly informing clients about products and scams…like "powder gel" and "solar nails".

    But, yeah, those salons will apply acrylic, claim it's a gel powder, and charge you more.

    As far as gel vs acrylic, it depends on the person. There is no "one size fits all". …with any nail enhancement.

    And, yes, Shellac gel polish is an awesome product! My favorite brand of gel polish (made by CND).

  20. YolaniG43 says:

    so… dang I have gotten acrylic all the time… paying for gel… I want to sue now..

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