Finding A Chemical Free Face Wash That Is Really Safe

Many personal care products are full of very harmful chemicals and there is a lot of ignorance on the subject in spite of a massive educational campaign to raise awareness of the dangers. This has mainly been led by consumer associations, in particular the EWG (the Environmental Working Group). The campaign has focused on all personal care products such as the importance of finding a chemical free face wash which is no easy task. This is because many of the chemicals used are still implicated in causing skin rashes and other serious diseases such as cancer and birth defects.

One of the most controversial ingredients is called formaldehyde and it is lurking in a lot of personal care products. Even when it is disguised as the so called formaldehyde donor, it is still dangerous as the FDA have now finally admitted that it is a carcinogen. There are lots of shampoos and other products which actually contain a preservative which goes by the name of DMDM-Hydantoin. But that ingredient actually releases formaldehyde so that is another one to avoid. Watch out also for diazolidinyl urea and imidiazolidinyl urea as they also tend to be just as dangerous.

It is alarming to note that many chemicals are still being used in all these products which are still so risky. It is a fact that formaldehyde was used at one time to embalm bodies but was so destructive of human dead tissue that embalmers use an alternative now. Yet the cosmetics industry is still using it in many beauty products on real live people like you and me. Cheap synthetics are still being used and the industry continues to make enormous profits.

So, what about a chemical free face wash? Is it so difficult to find? The answer is that fortunately for us, a number of companies are signed up to The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics and they are absolutely committed to using only safe, natural organic and bio available ingredients. That means that they actually do our skin a lot of good and nourish and rejuvenate it.

I know one chemical free face wash which contains an extract from the kiwi fruit which is totally bio available and nourishes the skin because it is a powerful antioxidant. Then there are antibacterial ingredients such as active manuka honey which is great for preventing acne. Then there are foaming agents such as cocamide (derived form coconut) and proteal which is derived from the amino acids in apple juice.

These are the ingredients which are now at the forefront of skincare today. Why not find out more how your skincare can take a turn for the better and that you can enjoy great results from a chemical free face wash without ever harming your health.

Maybe you will have to do some more research to find a chemical free face wash which is ideal for you. Look at my website to find the best natural facial cleansers
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