Gel Nails – Fairydust

Gel Nails - Fairydust

This is a quick and easy gel nail design. normal french design with purple fairydust on the ringfinger.



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20 thoughts on “Gel Nails – Fairydust”

  1. Georgia Morey says:

    I meant what is the difference between acrilic and gel nails

  2. Debbie Siegling says:

    you are so good you should be a nail designer

  3. jenny patel says:

    hey i wanna ur same type of brush…where i ill buy?

  4. YoseLin Luv says:

    where so u live?

  5. Deasia Jean says:

    cool love that and it

  6. giuly20 says:

    Ma che schifo così alte ha delle belle unghie e le rovini così col french

  7. Naomi Ganzu says:

    Loved the video! Just subbed to you, I too have a channel do check it out and sub if you <3 it.

  8. Dine on Demand says:

    i want you to do my nails address and do you live in Austin

  9. Shelby Cazares says:

    I was getting worried when you didn't file the one nail with the huge clump in the corner right away.

  10. angela bezak says:

    Beautiful nails

  11. Sadeea Tasneem says:

    she's so good at it

  12. patricia romero says:

    i want to see the ones you have on this video

  13. Jourdan Hobbs says:

    I love it

  14. Willy Rosado says:

    her nails look just like mine. same shape and length. pretty color

  15. Kellandra Smith says:



    Like if watching in 2016

  17. Trenita Oliver says:

    I love themmmmmmm….

  18. JulyJay says:

    Your nails look better than your clients lol

  19. Paola Gutierrez Cruz says:

    están bonitas me encantaron mucho

  20. sylvia perry says:

    Do you cure with UV light

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