Getting A Better Nail Coat Finish With Gel Polish

Those who want a longer lasting look on their nails use nail gel colors. The difference between this paint and acetate is that it is chip-resistant and harder-wearing. One of the most irritating things about using acrylics on nails is that they look great for less than a day, before they begin to crumble. When trying to orchestrate a manicure with a party or celebration, it can be difficult to keep it looking good for the event. All of these issues could be solved by simply swapping out acrylics for gels the next time a manicure is required.

A coat of regular nail paint will last, at best, for a couple of days before necessitating a touch up. Common problems include thin layers flaking off due to impact and the washing of hands weakening the paint. As they chip, they become ugly and need re-doing at additional cost to the individual. Painting nails is also a time-consuming business, with each nail requiring several layers and drying time. Putting nail gel polish on is a comparably long job, but the difference is that once it’s on, it will stay on for 2 weeks without flaking even a small amount.

Acrylic nail varnishes naturally dry in air, but this can take a long time and doesn’t always lend them the durable strength needed to withstand wear. The only way to set nail gel polish is to use a UV or LED device, but once it is set, it is much harder to remove, especially by accident. The method used for removing gels is to soak them for a short time in acetone. Anyone in a position where they cannot avoid putting their nails at risk of getting scratched and soaked can relax knowing that their color will last through it. People can also be confident that their nails will look stunning in time for the next big event.

There are more patterns and colors that can be achieved with gel polish. More time can be taken over the treatment of the gel, as it will only begin to dry and set once it is put under UV or LED light. This means that colors can be combined and worked into before drying for blended tones and gradation. This is not possible with acrylics as they instantly begin to react with the oxygen and dry. This is why those with gel nails almost always have better artwork than those with other paints.

Although only acrylics can be applied by an amateur, it is still a cheaper option in the long run to use UV nail alternatives. Once gels are on, there is no additional work needed until they are to be removed, meaning that fewer treatments are needed each time. The only time constraint is that they will show re-growth, so they can be left for a long time if needed.

Clear nails and clean cuticles will give better results. All these nail products, nail gel colors are available in large variety and combination to provide women a complete nail care. Follow here to be aware of the options available and know what to look for the professional.

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