Handmade Soap For A Natural Treatment Of The Skin!

Handmade soap has a large customer base which comprises people who want to see their skin healthy and fresh. Unlike any other soap available in the market, natural handmade soap makes use of natural ingredients which are not harmful to the skin like dyes and perfumes. Handmade soap is very useful for those who suffer from dry skin or problems of the skin like rashes, eczema, scars, acne, and so on. This is mainly because of the lack of harsh chemical ingredients in natural soaps. The two main ingredients of a natural soap are glycerin and oil. The various oils used in a handmade soap are coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, oil from avocados, and cocoa butter. All these oils are well known to cleanse and moisturize the skin which makes it look healthy and young. This also makes them naturally healing and different from other soaps.

The Process of Soap Making:

Making a natural soap is quite easy. This can even be tried at home. All that is required is a good formula, correct ingredients, and the right technique for a great handmade soap. It is made through a chemical reaction between oils and a base. The odor and texture mainly depends on the type and quality of oils used in it. The popular methods of soap making are as follows.

* Cold process: It is one the most common method of preparing soap which involves making it from scratch using base and oil.

* Hot process: It involves heating the mixture to neutralize it. In semi-boiled state it neutralizes before molding, whereas in fully boiled state it gives glycerin as the byproduct.

* Melt and pour: This is a more expensive method than starting from scratch. It involves melting already made soap blocks to which preferred fragrance can be added.

* Rebatching: It involves grating, melting, adding fragrances, and colors to a block that is already made and blending everything again.

Benefits of Handmade Soap:

* It is very good for skin due to the natural ingredients added to it which help in moisturizing, cleansing, and making the skin healthier.

* It is more effective in healing skin problems, with uncountable varieties available for all skin types.

* It can have variety of additives to customize it like jojoba oils and butter. Even special ingredients not found elsewhere can also be added according to skin requirements.

* It is a very cost-effective, easy, and interesting process to prepare soaps at home. It does not require any specialized training as well.

Using a handmade soap with completely natural ingredients gives pleasure to the senses and satisfaction to see wonderful results on the skin. They also become quite addictive for many users, owing to the fragrance and long-lasting effects on the skin. Commercially available soaps make use of chemicals, high animal fat, fillers, and detergent which can be harmful to the skin. Why take chances using such artificially made products. As our skin needs special care, it should be treated well using natural ingredients.

Go, try one today and see for yourself!

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