Having Whiter Teeth and Looking Better

Right now, people appear to be getting more and more concerned with looks. All sorts of fashion trends are popping up from nowhere and cosmetics has reached new heights in variety. These days, you can go to a party and be so completely shunned by people just by them looking at you with head-to-foot gestures if you’re not careful about blending in with your outfit. This is all cautionary from what you see on television mostly where everything tends to get exaggerated but in real life, it’s not really that high stakes. Still, caution needs to be given for people who just don’t care at all because it still matters how you look.

I don’t know about you but when I’m seeing people in the office with washed up hair and crumpled shirt or tattered jeans, I tend to develop emotions that range from slightly irritated to a visible cringe. Apparently, I’ve joined the bandwagon of prejudgers that I used to think are just snobs. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, then join ’em I guess is my new motto. Bottom line is, you have to try to assess yourself if you’re at least within the presentability level of your crowd and if you’re not, then make sure that you work on it or else, one way or another, people are gonna talk about you.

We tend to get prejudged by people even before we get to make a legitimate first impression. Fortunately or unfortunately, our looks eclipse that. So you have to make sure that you don’t fall flat in that department as well because it can be very easy to overlook or ignore that if you get lost in each busy day’s work. Try to work on a style that suits you well if you don’t already have one. And always, always make sure every morning before you get out of the house, to double check on how you look, if there’s no paper hanging at the back of your pants or chewing gum stuck under your shoes, stuff like that.

One more thing to look at which is one of the most important as far as looking good goes is your teeth. Now I say one of the most important because I equate importance with visibility/noticeability. People just look at our faces first. And other than our eyes, the smiles that we generate are generally the visible indicators of how we feel about our first meeting of a certain person, and that person will take his/her queue from your smile or lack of it. They’re prejudging you with that act yet again. So yes, it is important that you get yourself one of those hollywood-type smiles or as close to them as you can get.

Now if you’re one of those people who are just gifted by God with a set of sparkling white teeth that just screams perfection, then you’re absolutely free to skip this part. But if you’re just like one of us, getting stains in your teeth and having trouble removing them, then i suggest you try to do something about that. You can have them whitened. Teeth whitening is already quite popular nowadays, resulting from people’s needs to look good.

To get your teeth whitened, there are many alternatives to consider but until now, one of the most popular and safest method is In-office whitening mainly because you’d be taken care of by professionals who pretty much know everything about all this. The downside of course is the extra bucks you have to shell out. The procedure basically goes like this. The dentist will examine your teeth (no need if they have your dental record on file). Then he/she would perform a small operation to use a gel product with a percentage of hydrogen peroxide. He’ll try to isolate the gums by putting some sort of special shield gel to protect soft tissues. Then he would proceed with the process of injecting the gel/solution into your teeth. Pretty basic stuff. The other increasingly popular option is at-home teeth whitening kit. You can conveniently buy very comfortable whitening do-it-yourself strips that you can just try at home, at the office or practically anywhere. There are of course pro’s and con’s for each type. The 2 huge advantages of at-home whitening that really appeals to me right now are affordability and convenience.

So after getting all prepped up and looking better than ever, you now have to think about maintenance. In doing this, try to remember 2 things that you need to do. First, be yourself. Everything that this article is about will all be useless if you are too uptight and concerned about looking good. Also, make sure that you’re comfortable. The second is just be aware of yourself in public. Try to notice yourself and try going to the restroom every once in a while or when you can. That’s a very good way to do maintenance without overdoing it. The trick is for you to make it look effortless and be effortless.

The last unspoken truth about all this which is probably also the most important is getting noticed by someone you like. It’s pretty self-explanatory so I won’t elaborate. But as a general rule, looking good is never bad when it makes you feel good!

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