Holistic Stay at Haridwar Satisfies Travelers

Situated at a height of 314 metres above sea level, between the Shivalik Hills in the North and Northeast and the Ganges River in the South, the city of Haridwar lies in the State of Uttarakhand . Visited by numerous tourists round the year for religious and leisure purposes, there are many staying places at Haridwar.

A Stay in Haridwar at any one of the many Hotels in Haridwar near Har ki Pauri can prove to be a holistic experience! Yoga, Meditation, Steam, Aromatic Bodycare programmes and the ambience of the surrounding foliage of tulsi, pipal, neem and many ethnic trees and herbs to facilitate a body/mind sysnthesis and achieve complete harmony, is only one aspect of a rejuvenating Stay in Haridwar!

Ensconced snugly in a Deluxe Room which is is either Mountain or Central Courtyard facing, or in a Superior Ganga Facing Room, the mind is already conducive to a serene state of being. Added to which, Yoga here is to be found in a completely pure and traditional form, stemming from the roots of Hatha Yoga and adapted to suit individual needs and requirements! A discipline science encompassing all aspects of life, it seeks to fulfill your personal objectives under the expert guidance of an expert Yoga teacher who has assessed the needs of your mind and body and directs you accordingly!

Hotels in Haridwar near Har ki Pauri enable you to see the famous ritual of the “Evening Aarti” which culminates with the floating of thousands of lighted diyas with incense, on the sacred Ganges river, creating a beautiful spectacle! From
these hotels, where you can satiate your appetite from a variety of mouthwatering vegetarian multi-cuisine dishes, you can also venture out to explore some of the significant spots which are an integral part of Haridwar’s sacred heritage.

These include Brahmakund, to mark the spot where the drops of holy nectar are believed to have fallen and constitutes the most sacred ghat at Har ik Pauri constructed by King Vikramaditya.Another place worth a visit here is the Sapt Sarovar and Sapt Rishi Ashram. A picturesque place near Haridwar, where seven great sages or Saptarishis, namely Kashyapa, Vashisht, Atri, Vishwamitra, Jamadagni, Bharadwaja and Gautam, are said to have meditated, the Ganges split herself into seven currents at this place so that the Rishis would not be disturbed by the flow! Apart from the triad of the Chandi Devi, Mansa Devi and Maya Devi temples, there are plenty of other places worth seeing, including the Parad Shivling in Harihar Ashram and the impressive Rudraksh tree, in Kankhal.

While based in Haridwar, you can shop for souvenir like religious pictures and Rudraksh ornaments, cassettes of devotional songs, a paean to your sojourn to this abode of Gods!

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