Honey As Moisturizer. Or Could Bees Be Good For Your Skin?

Honey. It’s sweet and wonderful to eat. But is honey as moisturizer a myth or not. Could honey be something that is healthy for aging skin, and which helps reduce the signs of skin aging like fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging?

Honey has all sorts of magical healing properties and has been used for thousands of years for these properties. This includes specific properties which aid in allowing the skin to repair itself.

Science has now found out why. Honey has a whole host of enzymes that are extremely valuable to your skin, and in particular valuable for aging skin care. It also has excellent anti bacteria qualities as well as many antioxidants valuable to skin health.

Anti oxidants, or example, can help repair the damage caused be free radicals which is one of the major causes of skin aging and the formation of aging skin symptoms like sagging, wrinkles, skin dullness and poor skin elasticity.

And studies also show that honey can also help in renewal of skin cells, which helps keep your skin younger looking.

So honey as moisturizer or to help with skin health and to reverse skin aging isn’t a myth, it really is possible.

But just buying a jar of honey to smear on your skin won’t greatly help your skin health. Firstly most honey is pasteurized, and this kills the active ingredients. It is quite difficult to get the right type of unpasteurized honey. The right type of honey with significantly more active ingredients than any other is Manuka honey from New Zealand. Manuka honey has much higher levels of ingredients like anti-oxidants than other types of honey.

Secondly, the benefits of honey for great skincare and moisturizing are greatly enhanced when the active ingredients of honey are added to a specifically formulated skin care product or anti aging product so that the benefits of the active ingredients can be combined with other ingredients beneficial to the skin, so that all can work together. This then produces a skin care product that is extremely powerful.

There is one skincare company that has found a way to extract the active ingredients of Manuka honey without losing it’s beneficial qualities to the skin. And they make the worlds best skincare products, because they’re the leader in the field of skin care research and the production of the highest quality anti aging products. Their skin care products like their moisturizers, day creams, night creams and many other anti aging products.

Their products come with a money back guarantee, something you’re unlikely to get from any of the big brands.

So, honey as moisturizer? Yes, believe it or not, and not just as a moisturizer but as an aid to keeping your skin more youthful and more healthy. But forget trying to smear honey on your face before you go to bed, after all it messes up your pillow!

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