How Charlie’s Natural Soap Works

Gentle enough for babies, yet tough on stains, Charlie’s Natural Soap will clean even the filthiest laundry. Those who are prone to skin allergies or irritations will benefit from the hypoallergenic formula. Clothing that is colored may be washed without damage.

Made by Charlie Sutherland Jr. In 1976, a discovery was made when trying to develop a product that would remove grease and oil on yarn spinning machines. Since then, they have widened their line to include laundry detergents. All purpose solutions are for consumer use as well.

Because of residue, other leading detergents can leave your clothes half cleaned. Not Charlie’s. This product leaves no residue behind. Therefore, fabrics are cleaner and softer. One tablespoon of the powerful formula can clean a load of dirty laundry. This ensures savings and longevity in the product.

Extra chemicals, found in other soaps, can cause allergic reactions. Some of these symptoms include irritation and itching from rashes, sinus related problems, and other allergies. Ammonia, phenol, phosphorus, and nitrilotriacetate are some of the extra additives these products contain. This can leave your skin feeling irritated and inflamed.

Charlie’s soap thoroughly cleans between the clothing’s fibers. There is never any buildup that results. Unlike other protects that use softeners as a cover up, Charlie’s does not rely on them.

The soap is compatible with high efficiency machines. Barley any water is needed for it to dissolve since the formula is water soluble. Users are able to use less water and still have their clothes cleaned properly. This also prevents a residue from collecting inside the machine.

Offered in the powder form or liquid, the powder will wash between seventy-eight to eighty loads. That’s because without all the additional chemicals and fillers, it only takes a tablespoon per load. Consumers find this most appealing since, a little goes a long way and it’s economical.

The powder form is in a bag that weighs 2.64 pounds. It is also sold in a five gallon bucket. It is made with Green Mountain washing soda to ensure cleanliness. The liquid is available in a gallon jug and uses an eighth of a cup per wash cycle. Both products are made from natural detergents such as coconut oil and treated with all natural gas. Environmentally safe, both are biodegradable.

Charlie’s has an all purpose cleaner that removes oil, grease and grime from virtually any surface. Even tar is no match for this heavy duty solution. Use it in your kitchen, bathroom, or even on machinery. Other harsh cleaners can damage surfaces with their abrasives and chemicals. The good thing is, while it works great for all your cleaning needs, it’s gentle on enough for your hands.

If you have never used Charlie’s before, you should clean your washing machine by removing any residue from other detergents. This is easy. Simply throw in two teaspoons of the powder formula and a few old towels and wash thoroughly. This will ensure a clean machine with no buildup.

Whether you’re sensitive to other soaps or cleaners, or just need a product that is free of residue and harsh chemicals, Charlie’s Natural Soap is available for all your cleaning needs. Feel confident knowing that it is powerful, yet gentle enough on hands and skin. This product does not contain any animal products nor does it test on animals.

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