How To: Clarify Natural Hair | African Black Soap | Scalp Detox

How To: Clarify Natural Hair | African Black Soap | Scalp Detox

Hey guys! In this video I demonstrate how to shampoo/clarify your natural hair using african black soap. African black soap provides moisture to the hair and cleanses the hair without stripping the hair! I also learned of a detox hair mask that also helps with the cleaning process if you really want that re-assuring feeling that your hair IS CLEAN!! I think your scalp will thank you) Don’t forget to thumbs up this video if you enjoy this DIY black soap shampoo!

BRAGG’S Apple Cider Vinegar:

African Black Soap:

*salon care soap dispenser:


1 tsp. of baking soda
2 Tbs. of Olive Oil
1/4 tsp. of Cinnamon

*apply directly to scalp and leave in for 10-15min



African Black Soap (Shampoo)

DIY Lush Bath Bombs

DIY Sugar Scrub:





S.O.S Method:

Cowash Natural Hair:

Cowash Transitioning Hair:

Flexi Rods:

How to clarify:

Curly Fro:

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castile soap is awesome and can save you tons of money and is natural

here is just a small list of the things you can do with this wonder soap

BATH 2 tablespoons in tub

FACE WASH 2-3 drops

SHAVING 10 drops face

TEETH 1 drop on tooth brush

FOOT BATH 1/2 teaspoon in small tub of water with Epson salt

DISHES 1 to 10 ratio pre dilute

LAUNDRY 1/3 to 1/2 cup for large load // add A C V for rinse cycle ********NOTE if H E machine use 1/2 of above

MOPPING 1/2 cup to 3 gallon of water

ALL PURPOSE CLEANER 1/4 cup soap in quart spray bottle add 1/4 teaspoon tea tree oil

WINDOWS 1 tablespoon soap in quart spay bottle, then follow with another spray bottle filled with 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar

FRUIT AND VEGGIE RINSE quick squirt in a bowl with water then wash and rinse

DOG WASH wet dog then add 2 tablespoons in hand, lather and wipe down dog then rinse

PLANT SPRAY FOR BUGS 1 tablespoon in quart bottle with 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne

we use Dr. Bronner’s castile soap :-)

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40 thoughts on “How To: Clarify Natural Hair | African Black Soap | Scalp Detox”

  1. 81sexyred says:

    very informative video, how long have you been natural?

  2. Elle Encarnacion says:

    Can I just say, your arms…🙌🏾 lol

  3. Onedia Fields says:

    I lve your little woman poping up along with the smiling face commenting. too cute. Great veido smple and short. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed

  4. L. S. says:

    okay got that, but can you do a video on your arms, Lol

  5. Angeleena A says:

    I'm taking my braids out tomorrow and I wanted to do the banana and mayonnaise hair treatments but also wanted to do the acv wash so what do I do first?

  6. Paulette Paul says:

    omg her hair is so butifful

  7. Theresa Shepherd says:

    thank you I'll take your advice and do some research or go to professional and let them take a look at it I'll let you know thank you again.

  8. Theresa Shepherd says:

    I lean over the sink to wash my hair the back is growing and the front is not growing as the back I just want to know if that's the problem

  9. Bonnie Cotman says:

    Can this mixture work with water only washing?

  10. Pimpette Pimpson says:

    Sounds good, thanks

  11. taurio333 says:


  12. Pimpette Pimpson says:

    I heard baking soda is not good for your hair

  13. Tiia M says:

    I will never buy shampoo again! washed my hair today and saw the hair I was missing…VERY moisturizing!

  14. Nneka O says:

    Is there an alternative to using the baking soda in the scalp detox with the cinnamon and olive oil? Also for your shampoo I saw that you used all carrier oils (olive oil being one of these) with that being said would you have any suggestions for essential oils to add to the mix like peppermint, eucalyptus, or tea tree oil? =)

  15. Kiki Love says:

    African black soap is amazing!!!

  16. Robin Ferrell says:

    I love that soap I bought some because I say your video

  17. Yesenia Guardado says:

    I love your video! I'm super into natural hair care by any chance does this help cut back on oily hair? I have to wash my hair every day because of the natural oil build up I get its really annoying 😪

  18. carmen burns says:

    Your hair is so beautiful be blessed.

  19. ladynefertitibk says:

    Your curls was popping after, you can tell your hair was so balanced.

  20. JaiProdz says:

    I love DIYs! You know what's interesting? For the past 2-3 months i've used your scalp recipe as an actual toothpaste (most toothpastes have sulfates in them as well// and other harmful ingredients) and I notice that my teeth are super white, and stay cleaner for a longer amount of time.
    I also have use cinnamon in diy deep conditioners bc it adds light brown/red highlights to the hair strands!

  21. Joe Qasse says:

    It's kind of small your house, their is no place for the visit.

  22. Rebecca Black says:

    Can you make a video on how to make the mason jar pump???

  23. Yvette Alba says:

    Just started watching you yesterday. I've already made my own soap, deodorant and lotiom. Tomorrow strawberry jam. Thank you so much.

  24. Susie Q says:

    I did a eucalyptus and peppermint sugar scrub as a baby shower favor. It was so wonderful and I can't wait to combine these 2 scents in the laundry. Great tips from you two! Thank you bunches.

  25. Jackie Holliday says:

    Hi I have just found you! I am hooked :) Please can you tell me what you think to Dr Bonners sal suds detergent, is it as good as the castile soap products? Best wishes from England x

  26. Janice Hartenhoff says:

    You mentioned using it for washing dishes…do you need to add anything to that for degreasing? Right now, the only dish soap we use is Dawn because of its degreasing abilities.

  27. africaboundgirl says:

    Love your videos. I was looking in the recipes and noticed you live an hour or so south of me. Hubby and I are farm raised city dwellers in Quincy, IL. starting to urban homestead on our 1/2 acre. You are blessings! LeXze

  28. jalana .howard says:

    Love your life and all about homesteading, Yahweh has called us into that life and I am learning so much from you both however I would love to talk to you and your wife about the sabbath, I am living in the mts, of Washington st. with my daughter Ann's my son in law AKA son and their six kids and, learning tons about off grid living we hope to be totally off grid soon, we are just learning. However, my heart is to follow the ten commandments and, I want to follow the sabbath but not sure what to do or even how to prepare.
    I've been praying God will take us there and lead us to the place where we can learn..
    if y'all have an email address where I could talk to y'all about your way spiritually…
    I have an open heart and seeking the truth He has led me here…
    I promise I will not be a burden I'm just wanting to learn and of course need to learn how y'all do it without using electric lights…
    pray about it I expect you to do that,I am patient…:-) :-) :-)

  29. Flowerhen says:

    Hahahhaa…Oh you are funny !!!

  30. Brett Buttliere says:

    not wranglerstar material! hilarious! :D

  31. Amy Lillen says:

    Hi! One of the best things I found to clean windows was super fine steel wool. Wipe window off with a clean cloth, or if dusty, I use clear water. Wipe dry, then use the steel wool to basically polish the window. It will take off any smudges or marks without leaving any streaks. I don't know if this fits in with your off the grid lifestyle, but just wanted to add my 2 cents in! I'm really enjoying your videos.

  32. Dawg Prepper says:

    Great Info….

  33. Calvin Wright says:

    its karen just amazes at how mant chemicals people use and OVER kill with cleaning germ fanatics lol thanks for all adivice and help love ya all

  34. Steve Pailet says:

    for my laundry I do one cup of plain white vinegar. and only a 1/4 cup of soap. What I like is the vinegar kills the bacteria and kills any smells. The other nice thing is because I use so little soap, the clothing always comes out NOT scratchy.. It actually rinses out. If you sun dry or just use a drier (no need for a drier sheet and those chemicals) your clothing it is still soft to the touch and sweet smelling.

  35. Christina BlackFeather says:

    I wish I wasn't allergic to the Castille soap. No matter how diluted it acts like chemical burns on my hands.

  36. Mindy Wolff says:

    Hey Stacy, I know in a pinch you mentioned using the Castile soap for brushing your teeth, but what do you guys usually use? I use just straight baking soda on mine. That and dry brushing does the trick. What about you guys?

  37. Mindy Wolff says:

    We've been making our own laundry soap for a few years now. I never added Eucalyptus oil to it. Thank you for that tip.

  38. matthew meek says:

    1/2 cup for laundry?  at $63.99 for a gal equals 32 loads that is kind of expensive if im understanding correctly?

  39. Kris Gangwer says:

    Could you tell me if there is anything somebody can do for shingles..? No, Doug, not a new roof! LOL… I meant the kind you get on your body! Looking for home remedies or something to help ease the pain. I thought Vitamin E oil or Argan would help? Any suggestions?

  40. Crystal Mack says:

    You guys are too cute!! I can't believe you two are old enough for grand kids…….. y'all look amazing!!!

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