HOW TO: Gel Nails Fill & Color Change | Blue Glitter Fade Tutorial

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Jak odnowić, uzupełnić paznokcie żelowe. How to make gel nails infills / refill step by step.
PRODUKTY: Cosmetics Zone Płyn do dezynfekcji; Crystal Nails Cleanser Pure (cleaner); Crystal Nails Acid Free Primer; Crystal Nails Base Gel Universal (baza); Crystal Nails Xtreme Titanium (żel budujący); Crystal Nails Xtreme White (biały żel); Crystal Cover Pink Gel (żel kamuflujący); Crystal Nails Builder Pink Gel (żel budujący różowy); Crystal Nails Top Seal Gel (żel nabłyszczający)

35 thoughts on “HOW TO: Gel Nails Fill & Color Change | Blue Glitter Fade Tutorial”

  1. RiRi Ray says:

    second time watching this tfs!

  2. JessJess says:

    Where did you get your drill?

  3. Leanna Yates says:

    Please help! I've been having an issue with my gel overlays. I follow all the correct steps and use good products. But for some reason I keep having lifting at the free edge. And it happens as soon as the next day! Any tips or tricks on how to fix this? Thank you so much!
    I've asked so many people and I haven't received a response yet. :(
    Love your work!

  4. MiZzRiVeRa86 says:

    Mani Pro is the name of this drill? I'm looking for a new drill!tfs;)

  5. K Sha says:

    Can you leave the link to where you bought that cuticle pusher of yours, the exact same one please? Thanx. Gorgeous nails

  6. Johanna Pacheco says:

    I had the same incident with 1 of my drill bits, (a gold plated) & yes from kupa. all I did was contact them & told them it didn't fit my mani pro. they sent another 1 but silver plated, which did fit. love your nails btw

  7. robin spradlin says:

    very nice job hun. tfs

  8. rawreen says:

    Great video!! Beautiful manicure.

  9. Elena Roxana says:

    Hi! Please make more videos about how to file correctly, how thin/thick showld be the nail, how to make a perfect french, etc! I love your videos!

  10. Lesly Martinez says:

    can you do gel nails & then get a matte finish? I don't know what to ask for when I go to the salon. all I know is that I definitely want matte nails & fake nails

  11. desire matos says:

    plz! do my nails u do a professional job they look great!!!

  12. sweety simson says:

    Hi want to know on 9watt uv lamp how long the gel or glish polish must be cure???thanks

  13. 3140babygirl says:

    Wow, this is a really great informative video for people like me who are just starting out with gels. Can you or do you have a video showing types of gels and when they are used. Such as gel base, builder gel, color gel, just something I can go by. I sent you a message to. I have some questions. Hope u don't mind. Love how they turned out. tfs

  14. Nails of Norway says:

    Great video! There are different sizes on the barrel of a drillbit. I just can not remember that number for your naildrill right now… Tfs :-)

  15. Dallas Merkley says:

    Yeah, this is definitely not what I learned in school haha! You're amazing!

  16. Kamil Szymkowiak says:

    zrobisz filmik jak prawidłowo naklejać tips na paznokieć?

  17. Niloofar Nazari says:

    very nice!

  18. Juls Beauty Nails says:

    Awesome Video!

  19. Natalia Nowak says:

    Fuu ala to ochydnie wyglonda 😝😝

  20. kronika13 kronika13 says:

    Wychodzić to coś może poza coś, a nie "po za".

  21. Lukrecja Grande says:

    wow, ale po co ci tak wielki paznakieć :)

  22. Nerka Nerijus says:


  23. Nerka Nerijus says:

    noriu usidėtib tokius nwgus gražius

  24. Carol Montero says:

    what Pink gel you use? :)

  25. fleur19888 says:

    Używam żeli Perfect Beauty, ale bardzo mnie intrygują te z Crystal Nails – mają przepiękne opakowania :) Jakiego pędzelka używasz? Pozdrawiam!

  26. Natasa Gombos says:


  27. kinga cichon says:

    hej 😉 skąd zamawiasz produkty firmy crystal nails? ;-)

  28. Ingebjørg Uro says:

    i wish you wrote the info in english but thank you for showing a :)

  29. Sylvia Mercera says:

    beautifully done!! even tho I didnt understand the bottom lines, it's a great tutorial :)

  30. Rebeca Adriana says:


  31. Katarzyna K says:

    Filmy są świetne, paznokcie piękne! Byłaby możliwość pojawienia się filmu jak utwardzić paznokcie żelem, bez przedłużania ? Jaki żel budujący polecasz?

  32. Aleksandra Koniusz says:

    jakim primerem?Kwasowym czy bezkwasowym?

  33. Taurin4e says:

    Nice video and the song is very sweet :D…. can you tell me what's the name of the song?

  34. Nails of Norway says:

    Great tutorial! :-) I find that the white Crystal Nails gel is a bit too thick to work with. I would wish it would have been a bit smoother. Thank you for sharing! :-)

  35. Angela# 12 fHernandez says:

    lo haría de porcelana kedan mejor

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