How to Liquify African Black Soap Natural hair DIY Shampoo

DIY! I show you how i Liquefied African Black Soap into Shampoo for my Natural 4C Hair for wash day Routine/regimen.

This African Black Soap already Has Shea Butter and coconut oil added so i just add Tea Tree Oil to My but you can add more other Natural ingredient to yours. Thanks for WATCHING. Praise Onaturals.

The African Black Soap That i use is 100% Natural and free from chemicals,dyes, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. It has Natural source of vitamins A and E and Natural Healing Properties.

You can now watch my wash day routine with this black soap click this link

This is where I Purchased My Unrefined African Black Soap
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20 thoughts on “How to Liquify African Black Soap Natural hair DIY Shampoo”

  1. GHANAQ says:

    Hi, I jus wanted to ask where did you purchase the tea tree oil?

  2. KBZZie(Tiredof4c) says:

    What do u use to bring the pH balance down on the black soap

  3. Mary Ukpong says:

    Thanks Amber I am very grateful Xxx

  4. Mary Ukpong says:

    Pls where did you get your black soap from?

  5. kate amankwaa says:

    Here in ghana we call it amonchi

  6. Linda Hatcher says:

    What do you use as an conditioner or a leave in conditioner?

  7. Omalycha Nwa says:

    Hi praise. Love your videos and Iv just subscribed. Just a quick question. The link for the black soap doesn't seem to be working. Could you please tell me the name so I can goggle it and find where else to get it cos there loads of other African black soaps in the market, don't want to waste money buying fake. Thanks!

  8. Natural Gal Nichol says:

    Thank you for sharing. I learned a lot viewing this short and to the point information on black soap.

  9. Shonte Young says:

    Every time I go to that site for the soap it says under construction????

  10. Nikka Elliott says:

    do you sale the soap?

  11. Topaz Gem says:

    could you also use this as a hand soap or body wash?

  12. Chrisma Mittee says:

    I love this, how long can u keep it for before it goes off? and instead of water could u use aloe Vera or some kind of herbal tea mix?

  13. Bianca Stafford says:

    hi what would be the storing process for this. does the left over need to be put in the fridge until you need it.

  14. Candy Cain says:

    Why is this soap lighter?

  15. queenofsheba1000 says:

    does this beige soap burn your skin? what does this one smell like?

  16. Gloriakey's Hairstyles says:

    where can i get the soap?

  17. Paloma Berroa says:

    Great tutorial! Will have to try it sometime.

  18. Mariam Aligawesa says:

    thanks dear loove they sell it in the African hair shop…

  19. indra ind says:

    hi. where i can purchase it

  20. lip lipwash says:

    Do you sell the soap personal? I'd definitely buy it from you.

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