How to Look and Feel Ten Years Younger and More Confident for Less than GBP100

Cosmetics can be expensive. Certainly this market is huge, and the amount that men spend on cosmetics is growing at a rapid pace. However it need not be so expensive to you as an individual. Recently there has been much controversy from investigations into moisterising lotions. It was found that for less than GBP2 there is a face cream available that contains Q10 from a range of low cost stores. SO long as it contains Q10 it could be just as good as the expensive lotions used by the rich and famous. Invest in a new piece of make up. I invested in a bright green liner which sounds gross, and was not really my image. The compliments that I got were fabulous.

Clothes – Instead of feeling that to get trendy you need a whole new wardrobe and cannot afford it take my golden tip. Visit a budget chainstore or supermarket and buy a new hip jacket thats is not what you would usually wear and also some shoes. Mix these into your wardrobe.

Diet – Thesedays there are slimming pills available over the counter. Take these and follow a calorie controlled low-fat diet for one week. Do not set huge goals as the pressure may make you want to give up as it feels impossible. After one week review with yourself.

Fitness – make yourself go running. Just force yourself. Tekk yourself that after 2 minutes you can return to the car, the front door or whereever your starting point was. If you feel self-consious drive to a nice quiet place which is flat just before it goes dark. After this experience I felt so proud of myself that I went again the next day. With the sunglasses as disguise. Its very easy to be bitten by the running bug and now I am about to do my first 10k run for charity.

If running seems to extreme then try swimming. Its a known fact that running releases endorphins into your body which gives you a natural high. The knock on effect of that is a boost in self-confidence.

Men Special – If you have facial hair shave it off. You will look younger. If you have a balding patch which is natural do not try and cover it. Just keep your hair short. I have seen men look 20 years younger by a hair cut and removal of facial hair. Funny how men love women with long hair and women love men with no facial hair.

Men have to shave which tugs on your skin and leaves it dried out. Buy some moisteriser, and if it makes you feel more at ease buy a mens macho brand. After a shave apply some cream. It soon sinks in, and the only difference will be that your face looks so much better. Men sometimes hoard clothing for years. Why not go buy yourself a nice new t shirt from any large supermarket. Supermarkets are very selective with lines and turn them over quickly. The prices are low and the designs are fashionable. They have to be to be profitable. Hence even if you do not know what is fashionable and whats not, you can be trendy very easily be relying on the supermarket.

Your smile – the smile is worth a million dollars to each and every one of us. When we smile it makes us feel happy and when we are happy we feel confident. So go on make yourself smile. Look in the mirror in the morning and have a smile to yourself.

Whilst you are smiling, have a look at your teeth. As we age our teeth become naturally discoloured. It can be very low in price to transform your smile into a dazzling whiter smile.

With all the tips, and for less than GBP100 you will feel so good with yourself, so proud of yourself, more confident and you will look at least 10 years younger.

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