How To Make All Natural Laundry Soap

We all know the harsh chemicals and toxins that are in commercial laundry detergent that can create toxins in your home, on your skin and more importantly, our Environment and waterways. We show you how easy it is to make your own “All Natural Laundry Soap” with just a few natural ingredients for pennies a load of wash! Easy, Natural, Effective and Cost Conscious – sounds like a win-win-win to me!

I hope you enjoy this video to help you make small, natural and healthy changes in your home.
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17 thoughts on “How To Make All Natural Laundry Soap”

  1. AlAnoud AlShuraime says:

    where can you get 100% castile soap?? thanks !

  2. Marica Falzon says:

    i can't find washing soda anywhere in my country what can i do help pls?

  3. 1hiphapa says:

    Wondering if she uses white vinegar or will apple cider vinegar work as well?

  4. Kellie Borriello says:

    This was awesome. This video was the one I've been searching for, I'm so grateful.

  5. bowler8 says:

    you can make your own washing soda from the baking soda

  6. ja H says:

    The vinegar doesn't effect the smell of the essential oils?

  7. swordfish00007 says:

    Solid info and thank you.

  8. Alex F says:

    I know this is an old video but just wanted to mention that you can make your own Washing soda simply by baking Baking soda in the oven for about an hour. look it up its super easy :)

  9. musicalglory says:

    Thank u sooooo much! The best recipe so far. Really trying to avoid borax.

  10. mike cioka says:

    coconut castile soap will do the job too :) 

  11. mannamomof4 says:

    Great option for those without access to Borax. I also saw a video about washing soda. Ironically, it is BAKED baking soda! So simple!

  12. Itazuke Dee says:

    Fels Naptha is 100% castile soap is that the brand you use…

  13. Jana Chapa says:

    Great video…how much vinegar do you use per load? Thx!!

  14. koolpebble says:

    *your batch

  15. koolpebble says:

    How many loads would batch last?

  16. Jennifer Lyall says:

    would be lovely if you could add the recipe into the show description :)

  17. Leona Rodriguez says:

    Love your soap jar :)

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