How To Make Your Own Natural Soap Without Lye At Home

Many individuals who prefer natural lifestyles would love to know how to make your own natural soap without lye. Lye is a caustic ingredient used by commercial companies to bind all the ingredients of soap together. Lye actually allows the soap to be able to break down when used with water. If there happens to be too much lye contained in the soap that somebody is using, it can and will cause skin burns. Even though it may not help everybody, lye in the right amounts can help reduce the symptoms of poison ivy and eczema.

Using natural soaps has its advantages. It is usually glycerin based, so it will leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized. There are also many ingredients available to natural soap makers that are not possible to use with lye soaps.

With natural soap you have the option of using natural and essential oils. Using glycerin as your base ingredient you will be able to make more detailed soap molds and use a variety of colors. You can even add in freeze dried fruits or dried leaves and flower petals. You can even enjoy the fruits of your labor right after the soap making process is done.

For the soap making process you will need a double broiler or a crock pot and soap molds. For the actual soap you will need glycerin soap base, essential oils or fragrances, coloring, and melted cocoa butter. You will want to make sure that all of these items are prepared.

You want to turn the temperature up to the point of just melting the glycerin. Place the glycerin into the crock pot or double boiler. You will want to heat it until all the moisture is removed but where the soap is not too hot that it starts to bubble. First add the color and mix it until it is evenly blended. Next, add in the fragrance or essential oil of your choice. The next step is to add the cocoa butter and stir until the mixture is even and smooth. When the mixture has completely bonded together, pour the hot soap into the molds. Then allow the soaps to harden and cool before using.

Making soap without lye can be pretty simple. That is, if you follow the instructions carefully. With using a glycerin base and essential oils your skin will feel softer and more refreshed than using a soap that contains lye.

Did you know that you could make soap ? There is nothing more soothing than natural soap . So, why would you want to use those store purchased soaps that have all of those harsh cleaning chemicals when you could make your own?

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