How to Reduce Skin Redness and Irritation (Rosacea Treatment)

If you are suffering from rosacea, skin inflammation and redness, this video is for you :)
Hello lovelies,
I wanted to share this easy and effective treatment with you. Manuka honey and jojoba oil are amazing skin moisturizers, but they also have amazing anti-inflammatory properties that make this mask the perfect remedy for all of us who suffer from rosacea, redness and irritation on our skin. I hope you give this video I try.
Thank you so much for watching!
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13 thoughts on “How to Reduce Skin Redness and Irritation (Rosacea Treatment)”

  1. Marko Kocovic says:

    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out natural treatment for rosacea try Skyarza Treat Rosacea Star (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.

  2. pastelpills says:

    that's not a tea spoon. why you always lying

  3. Ryan- RLT says:

    Thank you so much! I have rosacea on my nose and I have been looking everywhere for a solution to reduce the redness and I have tried many creams but I tried your method and it has reduced the redness significantly, thank you so much

  4. David Mendoza says:

    Wow, I can put honey on my pancakes and then all over my face. This is great. 

  5. Ezginur Agun says:

    Is normal honey okay for those who can't find manuka honey where they live?

  6. JDB says:

    I use jojoba oil in the morning and i still have redness. It's not a wonder product, unfortunately :/

  7. Vanessa Garcia says:

    I'm new to the channel and I'm loving the natural approach to skincare that you offer. Keep'em coming! 

  8. Lizette Enriquez says:

    Does it works with normal honey? 

  9. [B]ecky! says:

    This looks like a gentle approach to dealing with my poor skin that's freaking out at the moment. I'll research that honey :D

  10. Nesreensmikyaj says:

    I just started my youtube channel recently and im just wondering if you have any tips for someone just starting out. Thanks and feel free to check out my channel; any feedback would be helpful. 

  11. MrsLoretta says:

    From time to time my skin get red..I have never tried Manuka Honey..I was surprised to see how it dried..You have nice skin..I will look for this honey so I can try this..Thanks for letting me know about this..Is it sticky??

  12. Maria Novitskaya says:

    Yay! I love these :)

  13. Nesreen Sawwan says:

    finally something for rosacea..thank you so much! 

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