Hygiene Tips That Get You Women

Basic personal hygiene is so important when it comes to attraction women that it is worth taking a closer look at the subject. It is a sad fact the many think women take as a given are overlooked by many men. Women do notice even the small stuff. The following list should make sure you forget nothing that could later impede your success with the opposite sex.

– Cut and clean your nails – on both and feet.

– Wash and scrub your hands thoroughly. Not only do you want to remove grease but you also want to grime and soften them.

– Visit your dentist on a regular basis for cleanings. In case you are smoker, coffee or tea drinker look into having your teeth whitened professionally. If that is too expensive go for over-the-counter whitening strips.

– Clear up your skin with over-the-counter products. If problems persist the dermatologist is your best friend – visit him for a prescription. No one needs to have nowadays.

– Get a tan. You don’t need to go to a tanning salon- just pending a little time outside is sufficient. It will help to make you look healthier and sexier

– Shave or shorten your body hair. It has become so common that women have started to expect men to shave. You do not want to get any hair into your mouth and neither does she. Respect that and shave.

Guidelines for going out

– Wear shoes that are new or don’t look like you have worn them for years. The shoes should always match your outfit and have the same color than your belt. You should never combine sneakers with a suit. Cross dressing like this is for fashion victims that have extensive experience doing this. Why risk looking ridiculous if you can go the safe road?

– Do not get drunk before approaching women. Nothing is a bigger red flag to a woman than someone who has to rely on alcohol to speak to her. It’s not only dangerous to your health but it will also make you look like you lack confidence. Act like a man and drink in moderation. With a clear mind you are much more likely to seduce her.

– Buy cheaper cologne and use it excessively. Cheap colognes smell and cheap and overpowering scents are not attractive. If she can smell you before she even sees you she will think you are either gay or just lack taste.

– Wear excess jewelry. If you are not a successful rapper straight out of the hood more than two pieces of jewelry look inappropriate. Leave your rings and chains at home if you don’t go on a hip hop concert.

– Smoke tobacco, chew or dip tobacco. With the aggressive non smoking policy they introduced in a lot of states it has become a pain in the butt anyways. If she is a non smoker you immediately lose points. If she smokes and you don’t it doesn’t really matter.

– Use drugs. Not only do you risk your health and spend a lot of money on drugs but you also lose control. Women want men that are in control so they can relax and let the man take care of things. If you want to get women drugs are just in your way.

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