Learn How To MAke Natural Soap

Learning how to make natural soap takes just a short time and a little effort. Let’s face it, people have been adding lye to oils and getting soap for a long time. Strangely enough though there are quite a few techniques that make the process more difficult than it may seem at first. Too, often the instructions at one’s disposal make it seem harder than it in fact really is after all.

You will quickly note as you look at soap recipes that many of the recipes include what could easily be described as exotic materials. Rice bran oil or emu oil or sugar can be found in soap as can all sorts of other items. Truth is, the most basic of oils are all you really need to make great soap. Sometimes, the strange ingredients are there in an attempt to fix a flawed basic recipe. Just a few simple ingredients in the soap are all you need to make great products and the addition of lots of stuff mostly just adds cost and trouble. If the basics don’t work then something is badly wrong and more work needs to be done on the process of making soap or the recipe is flawed.

One key factor in soap recipes is the percentage of lye. Lye discount is the term that refers to lye amount. You want to use a bit less lye than would be required to turn all the oils to soap. And you really probably don’t want to turn all the oils to soap. A better feel usually results if a little of the oil is still in the soap. Lye amount is quite simple to calculate but it must be just correct, not too much and not too little. Fragrance is another thing.

Many recipes will produce unscented soap even though you put in scent oils and at just the specified amount. You put in the amount called for in the recipe and still get little or no smell. Ever had that happen? It’s a waste. You put in the costly fragrance material and get nothing to show for it. Getting the right amount of scent oil in the soap is critical to a soap that smells right. Then if you put in too much scent oil, you’ll get oil floating in and on the soap and a terrible mess. What you can get is soap that smells great and all the scent oil has vanished into the soap. It’s simply a matter of following certain guidelines and using the right scents in the right percentages. All this information is readily available if you know where to look.

It is actually quite simple to learn to make natural soap from some basic instructions. The basics are quite simple but may be more easily grasped if you can get a few pointers from somebody with more experience. Moving beyond the basics takes some more thought and experience. Getting tips from more experienced producers may be especially helpful if you try to sell your soap.

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