I change up my skincare routine all the time, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the products I have used in the past. I just like trying new things so every time my skincare regimen changes I will do a new video about it.
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Rosa Centifolia cleansing gel

Simple Moisturizing cleansing gel

Garnier Express 2in1 eye makeup remover

Corundum microdermabrasion crystals

Paula’s choice 2% BHA GEL

Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion pm

Tranquillity Skincare Banish Puffy eye cream

Neutratone Rejuvenating Cream


Mac Fix+

Salvere Vit C,E & Ferulic acid serum

CeraVe am spf30

Clarins Super Restorative total eye concentrate

My makeup today;
FACE- Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation no53- light beige, Maybelline fit me concealer no 20, Laura Mercier mineral powder “Rich vanilla”, Daniel Sandler Instant Tan Washoff Face Powder, Hourglass Ambient light palette, Madam Glam blush no405-Touch of pink, By Terry Hyaluronic hydra-powder

EYES- Urban Decay “Sin” eyeshadow, Bourjois metallic eyeliner no54 “Bleu Clinquant”, Urban Decay “Shattered” eyeshadow, Avon supershock black eyeliner, Benefit Roller lash mascara

LIPS- Nyx lip liner “Bloom”, Revlon lip butter “Cupcake”, L’oreal glam shine no101 “Pink moon”
Nails- CND Shellac “Beckonning begonia”
Necklace from

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  1. Carol Kneece says:

    Hello Nisha! Thanks for sharing this.Maxelder Argan Cream goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and helps with the wrinkles with no odor and no irritation.,…There ya go! Try it if you want erase wrinkles w—nyarganoil—c

  2. Moira Stride says:

    I have been away and oh my goodness!!!  You  are looking gorgeous..I need to go back and catch up!!!  But starting with your lastest skincare routine!

  3. Marta Theriaga Mendes says:

    Hi Nisha! I love videos, thank you for sharing your experience! I was wondering if you could do a video with the new Bravura London glycolic and salicylic acid! Ou might have done a video on it already, sorry if I'm being a nuisance! Thank you só much! xx Marta

  4. K Landry says:

    You are so lovely. I enjoy your advice and I love that you run through your thinking process of deciding what you like and why. Thank-you for your words and your willing to be vulnerable. Best.

  5. Donna Davis says:

    I love your channel. The info you give has been extremely helpful.. I saw you talking about the Salvere vitamin C serum and purchase it from Amazon and absolutely love it, however I just went to order more and it is unavailable and they indicated it might not come back. Is there another site that I could order it?  .  I do live in the states.  Thank you for all you do.

  6. HandbagsnGladrags27 says:

    Great video Nisha, as you are always on the lookout for new products to try you may be interested in checking out Caroline Hirons here on YT, she is a skincare expert and also has a good blog. X

  7. agamalinowa says:

    no proszę , tyle żyję na świecie a nie znam wcale Twoich kosmetyków :-)  fajny filmik

  8. Britt Sampson says:

    Love your videos, you always look brilliant. I was wondering if you have tried the product, SKINN by Dimitri Jacobs. He is amazing, I've been using him for almost 2 years both make up and skin care but I don't solely use just his make up although it's lovely. If I could recommend one thing to try is his Am, Pm skin care. I too wear a lot of make up and it literally takes everything off especially mascara like nothing yet so gentle and nourishing to the skin. Just amazing line and rather inexpensive but not cheap for sure. You can use the Pm cleanser as a mask as well which I do often. I order it primarily through evine on line because I can always get package deals but I can order from his side as all. There are other products I use in my skin routine strictly from him and I just can't rave enough. Anyway thank you for your videos and sharing with us. Britt 😉 

  9. Christine Hulmes says:

    Thanks for getting back to me Nisha. Latest in the saga of my skincare with Olay. Yesterday I applied the 3 point super serum then a different brand of moisturiser, then primer then foundation. Everything was ok and the foundation went on a dream. Today I did not use the 3 point super serum but user the 3 point moisturiser, primer then foundation. Again my foundation went on brilliantly. My problem is when I use both the Olay 3 Point Super Serum together with the Olay 3 Point Daily Moisturiser. When I use both sparingly my foundation (whichever one I apply) clings to every dry spot and I have one heck of a time of it to use my beauty blender to go over these spots to get an even base. It does not matter if I use a high end or a drug store foundation the result is always the same. I have decided to keep using both the daily and the night time Olay moisturisers but find a different serum to use. Can you recommend a drug store serum or a high end serum that I can use with my moisturisers? I am pulling my hair out with this as I have not come across this problem before. Oh incidentaly I need to use a moisturiser every morning and every night but I also need a serum to tackle the wrinkles and fine lines that a 57 year old lady gets.

  10. Christine Hulmes says:

    Nisha I have a bit of a problem and wonder if you can give me some advice please. Like you I have normal to dry skin and last week my foundations started being very patchy with some clinging to my eyebrows, some of my hairline, at the outer corners of my eyes and between my eyes above the bridge of my nose but between my brows. As I do every morning I wash my face before applying Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum and let that soak in for 5 minutes then I apply my moisturiser which is Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream as a moisturiser. After I have let all this soak in for about 15 minutes while I get dressed. Then I start applying whatever foundation I fancy wearing that day. This is where my problems start asi mentioned before. Up until I started on this Olay Regenerist range there wasn't any problems when I put my makeup on but now I dispare. Just out of curiosity I only applied the serum this morning with a different moisturiser to see if the problem was with either the serum or moisturiser. My foundation today went on ok no problem. Tomorrow I will not use the serum but I will use the Olay Regenerist moisturiser again to see if the problem is with the moisturiser that I have started to use. The problems only happen if I apply both the serum and the moisturiser from the Olay Regenerist 3 Point treatment. Any ideas on how I can get both to work with my foundation as I do not want to get rid of any of it if I can. Could you try using both the serum and the moisturiser under your foundation and see if you get the same problem please?

  11. Mel Parkin says:

    Nisha, it might be a good idea to stick with products that you know work while going through these hormone changes on the peri menopause. I say this because with the hormone changes going on you need to know if its a product that upsets your skin or whether its your hormone changes. xx

  12. Marina BT says:

    Great channel!

  13. Roman and Polina Spirt says:

    Hi Nisha great video thank you , what do you use for your brows ! 

  14. Trishanaclo says:

    I am asking this for the second time, it's about your necklace, could you please tell me where you purchased it from, I would greatly appreciate it. Love, Pat

  15. annabanana1984 says:

    Hi!! I am a new subbie and just wanted to say I love your videos! You are so beautiful and classy! Also thanks to you I got the LM Ritual and love it!! Have a great weekend :D

  16. daljon13 says:

    Hi Nisha. I have discovered a site which sell Milani and LAgirl its called Beautycrowd (formally the Elfuk distribution site) They have a good selection. Love the video and please do a tutorial on the eye look. 

  17. Adele Grossi says:

    Great Video…love your eye make up it really looks look ready for spring 😊

  18. 48 and Holding says:

    I just ordered the microdermabrasion crystals on eBay. So glad you recommended them – they look super interesting and I'm anxious to try it out!!

  19. Ana Adlam says:

    Hi NIsha, loved this vid as always, would you do a  'get un-ready with me' using the things you've talked about to remove your makeup and ready your skin for night… not all of them of course, but the things that you'd use in your normal regime? Please?  xoxo

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