Natural Lavender Soap – The Soap Kitchen

How to make Natural Lavender Soap by The Soap Kitchen.

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Ingredients are:-
454g Olive Pomace Oil, 454g Palm Kernel Oil, 115g Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda), 342mls Water, 20mls Lavender Essential Oil, Colour – Ultramarine Violet

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5 thoughts on “Natural Lavender Soap – The Soap Kitchen”

  1. Taylor-Marie Carter says:

    How much soap does this recipe make?

  2. Skarlet K says:

    You can also make really good soap without the use of any palm oil.

  3. Skarlet K says:

    If you have to use palm oil, try using GreenPalm :: The RSPO sustainable palm oil to help stop the extinction of orang-utans.

  4. Anna Norris says:

    thanks it helped me now i can go make some soap. YEY!

  5. M Akhtar says:

    you need more videos.

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