Natural Saponification- Natural Hand Made Soaps

These days the rising pollution in the environment is driving people more and more health conscious. As a result many are moving towards using products that more natural. Soap being a part of our daily life too has come into consideration and thus comes the crucial need for hand made soaps.

Hand made soap as the name suggests is very natural and skin friendly. Unlike these friendly soaps, the factory soaps are more like detergents and can have adverse effects on the skin after prolonged use. This is because these soaps have harsh chemicals and the absence of glycerin, which is a natural byproduct of oil.

Apart from its cleansing property, the hand made soaps have many other benefits as well. First, it uses only essential natural oils that may soothe the skin and relief body stress. Unlike other commercial soaps, it has natural glycerin due to which the skin feels softer after bath. It also draws moisture for the skin n keeps it nourished. These soaps have also been found to have healing properties for various skin disorders as well as for sensitive skin.

Now making a hand made soap at your own house is not as difficult as it seems. All u need is a bunch of crushed herbs, an ivory soap and some natural oils.

-> Take the crushed herbs in a bowl and add some boiling water to make it into a loose paste.

-> Put some drops oil in the mixture and mix well. It can be any natural oil or even edible oil. We can even add a small quantity of milk in it.

-> Now, pour the hot mixture into another bowl containing shredded pieces of ivory soap. Stir until the mixture gets even.

-> After about half an hour, take the semi-hardened mixture and press into desired shapez

-> Then after a couple of days of drying your hand made soap is ready to roll on you. However, make sure that the soap is kept in a dry place after use. It is not good to keep it in a puddle of water, as it cannot dry by itself.
While selecting a handmade soap, make sure that your soap does not have any animal fat in it. It should also not have any synthetic scents. A good handmade soap requires the good selection of our desired oil. Various oils have various properties.

->Almond oil is known for its odorless property. It has high nutrition and is very soothing to the skin. It also has medicinal benefits.
->Olive Oil has great moisturizing property and is high in proteins and minerals. It is also known to reduce marks from the skin.
->Coconut Oil has cooling as well as moisturizing effects.

For more information on hand made soaps, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the hand made soap!

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