Natural Skin Care for Great Looking Skin

There are a lot of skin cleansing products out there which are completely ineffective and many others which are actually doing more harm than good! There are cleansing skin care procedures which wont speed along the aging process and keep your skin looking great. Keep reading to see a safe and gentle way to care for your skin.

It all starts in the shower. There are a lot of irritating chemicals and even toxins which are in many of the commercially available soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Most municipal water supplies also contain a whole host of impurities which can damage your skin. Here’s how to minimize the harm to your skin.

In all reality, it would be unrealistic to suggest that you avoid all known pollutants and toxins. In fact, without a special filtration system, it would be near impossible, but many can however be removed from your water supply by means of a shower head filter.

The active ingredient in these skin cleansing products is triclosan, which is harmful to the environment and isn’t really doing your health any favors either. There are safer alternatives, such as manuka honey, which is naturally antibiotic.

Take a look at all of those skin cleansing products in your medicine cabinet. You should get rid of any products containing parabens, artificial fragrance and petrochemicals. Natural skin care products for cleansing include tea tree oil, manuka honey bars and orange oil, which cleanse your skin without using soaps that irritate the delicate skin of your face.

Even the majority of exfoliating products should be avoided because contrary to what you may have heard, they actually increase wrinkles in addition to causing skin to sag.

Oily skin can also be effectively controlled, simply by using a skin cleansing mask, either once a week, or once every fortnight. However, always ensure that the mask you choose contains all natural cleansing skin care products such as natural clay, vitamin E, macadamia oil and shea butter.

Some masks actually clog pores more than they clean them and you need to scrub your skin to the point of irritation to get them off. Enter macadamia oil and shea butter; these ingredients keep your mask from drying out so that it can be removed without damaging your skin.

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