Natural Soap Making Kits And Procedure

Originally made from the combination of water, fats and oils and lye, modern commercial soaps are now usually entirely made from synthetic materials. Skin irritation can occur as a result of these ingredients, and it can worsen conditions like eczema. For those concerned about this and other issues such as environmental impact and the health benefits of soap, natural soap making kits and procedure are available for making soap at home.

Home kits

‘Melt and pour’ and ‘cold process’ kits are different types of kits available. They come with all the ingredients you will need for making you own soap. Cold process kits are the more popular variety.

Vegetable, grain and nut oils are chemically superior to animal fats. They are more easily absorbed into the skin, won’t clog pores and can have a beneficial impact on eczema. Kits might use palm oil, avocado or coconut oil and essential oils. Other ingredients might include Shea butter, botanicals, dried herbs and food grade pigments.


Lye, also known as caustic soda or sodium hydroxide, is the additive that causes the reaction that turns fats and oils into soap. As its name suggests, it is highly caustic, meaning that it can burn if it gets on your skin. When using lye you should always wear rubber gloves, long sleeved clothing and shoes, as well as protective eye wear. Use it in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside, as the fumes can be irritating to your lungs. Avoid splashing it on any painted surfaces as it will corrode the paint.


A combination of water and lye is added to melted fats and oils, all prepared to the same temperature. For specific instructions, follow the directions included with your kit, or read a soap-making recipe.

The prepared mixture is allowed to set in a suitable container. This will usually take about twenty four hours. Once this is done, the soap can be cut up into individual bars. Leave the bars for a few weeks to cure.

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