NEW: Organic Skincare from INNOXA

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Innoxa ORGANIC Gentle Cleansing Gel ($AU14.99)

Innoxa ORGANIC Brightening Eye Cream ($AU19.99)

Innoxa ORGANIC Hydrating & Anti-Ageing Serum ($AU24.99)

Innoxa ORGANIC Hydrating Daily Moisturiser ($AU24.99)

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Best Chemical Free Organic Skincare!

I have been on the hunt for a skin care company that uses organic botanicals and really does a great job with formulations so that your skin feels great to the touch and looks great. I have tried many brands only to feel greasy, dry or that my my skin did not feel soft to the touch after using the products.
Suki Skin Care exceeded my expectations. They sent me customized skin care to try that left my skin feeling amazing and looking great.
I love these trial sets because you are not wasting money on larger sizes before you try it. I have been using this set for a month and am loving the results. A few of the items have titanium dioxide in them and I tend to be sensitive to it so I cant use those 2 items on a daily basis. I have INSANELY SENSITIVE SKIN!
Other than that I am really loving the way these products preform and there is good reason for all of this companies rewards!

More info on Suki skincare at

21 thoughts on “NEW: Organic Skincare from INNOXA”

  1. Robert Wujcik says:

    I have tried SO many products from Proactive + to dermalogica nothing works for me and my sensitive skin. :( I decided to go to the dermatologist and got what they recommended. Unfortunately i have VERY sensitive skin and pretty much every product I've used irritates my skin. The last few years i have been making the switch to organic natural products so i'm definitely going to have to try this! Thank you for the awesome video.

  2. ThePopHeir says:

    Love the range! I personally love the cleanser. Love your make up in this one!

  3. Diana Cockerill says:
  4. Jane T says:

    I love organic skincare because natural is best. I like to look after my skin and it's important to me to find products that doesn't contain nasty chemicals that gets absorb into my skin that can do me harm. I also like the philosophy behind organic skincare – look after the environment, and it will reward you with glowing skin.

  5. Amy Povey says:

    Most of the time i use the dermilogica range. Id really like to try an organic product that's recommended and Australian made 😀 

  6. Kylie Quinn says:

    I love trying to find Australian organic products. I feel that we put lots of chemicals on our skin daily with makeup alone and it's nice to be able to strip this all off at the end of the day and nourish our bodies with what Mother Nature intended us to use! Would love to win a little trial pack of this new range! 💜

  7. Janine Cummings (Little Affirmations) says:

    I made the switch to organic/natural skincare and makeup a few years ago, after hours and hours of personal research on the ingredients of mainstream beauty products. What I put on my face is just one aspect of the toxic environment we've created in our modern lives – and it's one of the few aspects I can control.

    Organic/natural skin care is sooooo expensive in Australia – even sourcing the bases to try and make your own is expensive.  I'm delighted Innoxa have entered the market at the affordable end – and am very keen to try it out.  And as a final note – I just ran out of my expensive "Grown" serum, so perfect timing Jodi!!  xxx

  8. Carol F says:

    I choose organic skincare not only because it is going to improve the skin (afterall the skin is the largest organ & it may have had enough of the chemicals that I put in over the years), but also to support the companies who have a respect for nature that extend to their packaging & business concept. Organic is the way to go! Thanks Jodi. X

  9. Kylie Manderson says:

    I'm getting a better understanding of the connection between what I put on my skin and how it looks. I find organic products tend to be more gentle than those with chemicals, plus I can read the ingredient list and actually understand what I am putting on my face!

  10. Kirin Isaacson says:

    I love your reviews their always so in depth and knowledgeable. I love organic products specially skin care because my skins just glows. I can certainly tell the difference when using organic products my skin is radiant clear and my make applies flawlessly. 

  11. wonderwoman777able says:

    It's been some time since I've commented on your videos but I've been watching every single one!! :) Sometime ago I started on a vegan, natural, cruelty-free, organic journey with the products and food that I chose to purchase. I even started my own Youtube channel about it (different account of course). I watch your videos regardless of our difference in product choices because of how entertaining and well prepared you are. You are gorgeous, really.
    I've had much greater success with my organic choices both inside and out I feel. I'm not necessarily against 'chemicals', but there is an amazing website called 'Skin Deep Cosmetics Database' which is a not-for-profit site where you can search products and/or ingredients for their toxicity rating. I highly recommend it.

  12. PopGerald says:

    I love using organic as I believe if you love Mother Earth, she will love you back! Organic products leave little footprint on the world but benefit us all. Organic is so much gentler on my skin too. Can't wait to try these products!

  13. almost339 says:

    I love organic skincare. I want the very best clean products for my face so it glows with health.

  14. josephine9975 says:

    thanks for making a video about these products. I'm all for cruelty-free and vegan friendly products. I bought the natio spa coconut and shea butter body butter, 2 weeks ago from Priceline, not only because I absolutely love the coconut scent, but also because I really don't want stearic acid on my skin. I love these natural plant-based Aussie alternatives, they work fantastically. Sukin and derma sukin, Models Co. skincare, all awesome choices. Love these kind of videos, thanks so much.

  15. Jaiden Beauty Blog ♡ says:

    I've been super dooper in love with vegan friendly skincare and this line makes me happy!
    I have so much love for organic skincare because I feel that it can make a huge difference to my dry/combination skin, there aren't any harsh chemicals in vegan/organic products which is perfect. I noticed that the appearance of fine lines are decreasing and I'm breaking out a little less ever since I first got my hands on a few organic skin care products a couple of months ago and I just have noticed so much change towards my skin as it is looking healthy!

  16. Diana Cockerill says:

    This video could not have come at a better time. Just tonight I finally went through my bathroom cabinet and gathered all those unopened, unused products I've bought over the last 12 months. As I've got older, I've got more and more confused about what I need to use on my face. There are so many products ……😟 This range is definitely worth a try. I love that it's organic, which screams FRESH!!! Light and pure!! I long for products that make your soul feel good as well as your skin and body. And thank goodness, it's reasonably priced. Thank you xxx

  17. Bek Beagle says:

    I look to use organic skincare for the same reason I try to buy organic food – what you put in and on your body is going to determine your healthy and vibrancy. It also should be to the detriment of the planet, another reason to give organic a go!

    Ps can you do a vid on SPF? I'm definitely convinced of the benefits but am still trying to find my one go-to daily SPF. Thanks Jodi! Xoxo

  18. Charu Pandey says:

    I love that if it doesn't improve your skin condition then it won't worsen it either. It's great for the common consumer with limited knowledge on skincare. 

  19. mereblue says:

    I think of organic skincare like eating a natural diet except it's skincare. So if I stick to a natural diet, it follows I should do the same for my skin!

  20. Jacki Murphy says:

    Hi Jodi, thank you for doing this review.  I am 46 and been searching for an organic skincare range that is affordable.  Innoxa is definately affordable!  I have been using coconut oil on my face as I found I can cleanse and moisturize with it.  I no longer want to use products that are full of nasties and I worry about using products on my with ingredients that I can't even pronounce – Innoxa is just what I have been looking for :)

  21. Emily Myers says:

    Love this video! xoxo

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