Organic Skin Care, Becoming Popular

Organic skin care is on a rise. There are several firms that have started selling organic products. People’s faith towards organic products has been on a rise. This because of the growing acceptance of products prepared without the use of chemicals. Initially it was organic foods that were popular. People started to look for organic products everywhere as organic foods became popular. Now there are several organic skin care products that you can see in the malls and other stores. The ingredients of these organic products are grown naturally without the addition of any chemicals as mentioned above.

These organic products tend to costly as the production price per unit is high. Organic skincare products cannot be manufactured on a large scale because of the difficulty of sourcing the ingredients required for these products. Large scale production of these ingredients is extremely difficult because of the threat of nature. This is why small production of these ingredients is done. As scale is not achieved, the cost of the products is high which is why they are available at high prices in the market.

There are several firms that sell organic skin care products that provide regular skin care. Most of these are moisturizers and purifying creams. All these firms claim that their products are free of sulphates, paraben and petrochemicals. These firms are continuously striving towards formulating better organic products that provide skin care. One of the most used ingredients is the olive oil. Olive oil was used as a moisturizer by Greeks. It has the unique property of mixing with water. This is a potent combination as this solution penetrates into the skin and cleans the dirt from the inside. When chemicals are removed from the products containing these ingredients, the cream stands a much better chance to allow the skin to function better.

The natural skin care product review was done in 2006. Each product was rated out of ten for its mix of natural ingredients. The tope four skin moisturizers were Mt personal choice, Terressential’s Moisture cream, Burt’s bees complexion oil, nature’s bounty skin cream. The worst skin care was also ranked in terms of which had the most toxic ingredients. These were Jergen’s natural glow skin moisturizer, Rite Aid skin care lotion, Jason Natural moisturizer, Dove face care essential nutrients and Zia natural body gel. These ratings show that even if the companies claim to be natural or organic, you have to check the ingredients to find out how organic they are. Inspite of claims to be organic, these skincare products will be containing some amount of chemicals in them. This does not mean all the products out there are not 100% organic. There are fully organic skincare products available in the market. The first two products in the top 4 rated moisturizers are 100% organic.

The chemicals present in the regular products harm your skin in the long run. They may produce short term results, but in the long run they are detrimental to your skin. If you find the organic products expensive you can prepare your own cosmetics at home. One such website that has instructions on it is This information is available in the personal care section of organic home. If you still use regular creams, shift to organic as they have the advantage of being natural and not causing any harm on your skin.

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