Professional Waxing Norwich, Faye Showing Types of Strip & Hard / Hot or Peelable

Hollywood and Brazilian waxing in Norwich for men and women. Visit for more information on specialist full body waxing.

The difference between hard / hot / peelable and strip wax. Strip wax is used for waxing, backs, legs, bum cheeks and arms. Hard / hot / peelable wax (depends on which make you use to what it’s called) is used on intimate areas for Bikini, Hollywoods, Brazilians, BSC’s, but also, underarm, eyebrows, lips, ears, nostrils and chests. For ladies and gents.
Strip wax is fast and efficient for large areas, while hot / hard / peelable wax grips the hairs fantastically, with less skin pinkness and can be reapplied to the same area to get every last hair.
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  1. Sage Therapies Eyelash Extensions, Massage and Waxing says:

    A Sage Therapies waxing clip, by Faye, to explain the difference between the use of strip wax and hot / hard / peelable wax. All waxes are not the same and it's important as a specialist waxer to keep up to date. No more pink, sore skin after strip waxing sensitive areas like the upper lip or intimate areas.
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