Soap Making Is A Hobby Suited For Children

Making your children do arts and crafts is a good way to develop their skills and their mind instead of just letting them just stay in front of the television. But the usual arts and crafts may become boring for them after a while and you may run out of activities that they may do.

The usual things that are done during arts and crafts are paintings, drawings, clay sculptures or woodworking. But these may become outgrown by your children if they do these activities quite often. A new activity that they can try that will also stimulate their creative minds is soap making. This is similar to making sculptures but will be a bit more complicated.

The first thing that you will need in soap making is a mixture of soap that can be molded and altered. You may make soap from scratch using oil and lye, but this is not recommended for children as lye is a dangerous substance that can corrode skin when it comes in contact. It can also emit fumes when dissolved in water. This is why ready-made glycerin soap is better suited for children who want to make their own soap designs.

Glycerin soap is used by first melting it in a pan or in the microwave. Once this is in its liquid for, other ingredients may be added to give it added properties. You may choose to add dyes to give your soap color, herbal extracts to make it have a more natural appeal and fragrance oils depending on what your child likes.

When you are satisfied with the ingredients that you have added in your soap mixture, it is now time to let it cool off and harden. You can choose different molds to give different shapes and sizes to the soap. You may also put in different soap mixtures in one mold and come up with an effect like 2 soaps in 1. Try different ideas with your child so that you can come up with a lot of unique designs.

Another idea is by sculpting your soap in a way that you like. This is useful if your mold is not good enough for you, or if you want to add a personalized touch to your soap. Do this when your soap is semi-hard so that it won’t be too hard to manipulate the mixture. Just be sure that you supervise your child especially if they are using knives in sculpting the soap.

Soap making is a great hobby to have as you can use your creations after they have been made. You may also choose to display them if the designs are really great as it would add appeal to your bathroom. Your child would surely like to show off his creations to his friends and relatives.

As you can see, soap making is a good way to spend your time as it is a very practical hobby to have. No finished product goes to waste, even if you make a mistake in your designs. Your child will surely enjoy seeing his soap in the bathroom, whether as a decoration or using it when taking a bath. Continue practicing your technique and thinking of new designs so that you and your child can become really good at making these soaps.

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