Soap Making Is An Easy And Practical Hobby Worth Trying

Soap is an important tool that we all use to clean our body. It is a requirement in all bathrooms as no one can clean themselves without the use of soap and some water. Using only water is not enough as some oils and dirt cannot be removed with the use of water alone. Soap works by sticking to these oils and dirt and making it easier for them to come off upon rinsing with water.

Soap is made using only a few ingredients and with a fairly simple process. Because of this, some people have started taking up soap making as a hobby. Its two main ingredients are fats and lye, which are combined through a process called saponification. After saponification, soap can then be designed and shaped in any way that you wish.

Soap that is commonly sold in the market is bar-shaped without much design. It is a rather boring design but rather as it is easier to hold, especially when soap is wet. It will not break easily as well if the soap becomes small. But if you want a soap that looks good while you are taking a shower, then a good idea is to make your own soap at home. This way, you can use the soap to beautify your bathroom as well as use it in washing your hands.

There are two main processes on how to make soap. One is the hot process which requires heating of the fats before mixing with lye solution. The mixture is then further heated until it is ready to be cooled. The cold process on the other hand, does not involve heating of any mixture. Fats are added directly to the lye solution and mixed until ready to cool.

The resulting mixture from both processes can be modified to make the soap that you want. Putting it in a mold of your choice gives the soap its final shape. Using dyes and different techniques will produce different colors and designs for your soap. Lastly, adding oils and fragrances will give your soap the smell of your choice. Lotions and other ingredients may also be added. You can try experimenting on different ingredients to make your perfect soap.

The fats that you use in making the soap also contribute to the properties of the soap. Using coconut oil will produce a soap that is good for lathering. Vegetable oil on the other hand, will produce a softer kind of soap. And if you have sensitive skin, the best type of fat to use is olive oil. It will produce a mild type of soap that will not cause irritations to your sensitive skin.

Due to its ease of soap making, it can be done by almost everyone. When doing the conventional way of making soap, just be sure to wear protective equipment to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of lye. This is why for children, glycerin soap is recommended as it does not require lye anymore. Just melt the soap and you are ready to design it in the way you please.

Soap making is a very easy but practical hobby to take up. It will stimulate your mind in thinking of creative ways on how to design your soap. After making one, you can use it to display on the bathroom or bedroom. Soaps that are not done very well can be used so none of the ingredients used will go to waste.

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