Soap Making ~ Natural Touch by NatureDaily

Another batch with new technic.
In The Pot Swirl, it’s simple and easy to create your soap 😀

I hope you all enjoy watching my video. Thanks


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DIY All Natural, Organic Body Wash/Hand Soap - Victoria + Chessi

Hi everyone! Give this a thumbs up if you enjoy DIYs like this so we know to make more. :-)

*Note: Make sure you use ORGANIC essential oils and read care labels before purchasing. Trust us! We made this mistake. Some oils are intended solely for scent purposes and are not to be applied topically.

If you find your solution to be too strong, dilute with some water and/or add additional coconut oil. Raw honey and coconut are best added after being microwaved or run under hot water (while enclosed).

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10 thoughts on “Soap Making ~ Natural Touch by NatureDaily”

  1. Nad N. says:

    I like the idea of using a strainer when pouring in the lye! never thought of that before..however, wouldn't that make your lye to oil ratio wrong?

  2. Veronique Dalcero says:

    amazing !! i love it ! please tell me what colorings agents you used ??where i can find coloring agents? because here in Belgium we can't find it ! where i can find it on internet.??? thanks a lot…

  3. Soap Queen TV says:

    This soap is gorgeous! Love the swirl and the beautiful texture on top. =)

  4. Audrey Roach says:

    is this cold process or melt and pour

  5. susie roy says:

    Beautiful. Bravo!

  6. Sabrina Massie says:

    beautifully done…  gorgeous soap !

  7. Amelia Jenson says:

    Could you also turn this into a soap bar? I thought if you put it in the refrigerator but if it's left out it won't stay in that form

  8. fromthekiwigirl says:

    What can you add instead of honey?

  9. Emily S says:

    I bet this smells amazing!! I already make my own body butter, but I'm going to have to give this a try!

  10. Petra Dubravica says:

    You guys should do a video about your hair. How do you take care of it and that stuff. You are awesome. You two reminde me of me and my bff (sister)

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