Southern Natural Soap – film by Rebecca Kennerly

Southern Natural Soap - film by Rebecca Kennerly

Southern Natural Soap in Alabama features gentle goat’s milk soaps for sensitive skin. In this film by Rebecca Kennerly, Jeri Anne Huffstutler describes how she got into the soap-making business after years of struggling with her own skin issues.

Hey Lovelies
so this video is aa continuous video of this specific video after much requested of the black soap version. I hope you enjoy it :)
take care 😀

This is the black soap i used Black soap:!product/prd3/516668521/dudu-osun-(black-soap)
Castor oil from (south africa)
olive oil is from HEB grocery store in Houston TX

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Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video and all products in this video were purchased by me.

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28 thoughts on “Southern Natural Soap – film by Rebecca Kennerly”

  1. Violet Vidaurri says:

    I love this soap!

  2. Southern Natural Soap says:

    Learn more about our soap by watching this short YouTube video by Rebecca Kennerly.

  3. Katie R says:

    These soaps (and lipbalms!) are incredible. Natural, smooth and fragrant.. I can't wait to try the Tea Tree and Lavender. Finally a soap that I can use for both body & face, and what a difference. <3

  4. Southern Natural Soap says:

    A quick film about the origins of Southern Natural Soap. It's a little over 5 minutes. Southern Natural Soap – film by Rebecca Kennerly

  5. Southern Natural Soap says:

    If you'd like to hear the story behind our soaps, here's a quick 5 minute introduction! Southern Natural Soap – film by Rebecca Kennerly

  6. Southern Natural Soap says:

    Here's a video about the Southern Natural Soap story. It features cute goats! Southern Natural Soap – film by Rebecca Kennerly

  7. Miros Baregava says:

    I love Jeri Anne's soap and won't use anything else!

  8. Southern Natural Soap says:
  9. Simone Gertse says:

    Where did you buy the black soap? Do you know of any places that sells it in Cape Town, South Africa? love your videos btw.

  10. Ms. Ambitieuse says:

    Btw Love your hair! Just a quick question. Did you experience any limescale or white residue on your scalp or hair after using black soap under the shower?

  11. chantel tillis says:

    I love love the dudu-osun lack soap, my mother sends it to me💆🏾💜

  12. Bonnie Conners says:


  13. lycrisha haynes says:

    Once a month?! Your so lucky I wish my hair could go longer than a week. :( I wash it once a week but in 3 days it get oily and itchy. How do u do it?

  14. AyeGetItBroady says:

    I went on a little youtube hiatus, came back, and your hair looks better than ever! It's gotten so long and is beautiful still .

  15. BeautyisMiree says:

    What's your hair density?

  16. caseyluvsu101 says:

    Your hair is perf 👌oh and btw where did u get your wild tooth comb, I've been wanting to get one of those but dont know where to try

  17. Elle says:

    Your hair is so gorge, I'm jel! Also, where are your pants at the end from? They're lovely xx

  18. sammy69831 says:

    Very pretty, so is your hair! Thanks for sharing 

  19. Kay Von Kent says:

    Go head, Sis. Looking Sassy. Thanks for the video. Question: Which do you find more moisturizing: Shampoo or the shampoo bar?

  20. NaturallyCouya says:

    So gorgeous, and wow your hair has gotten so long!!

  21. Erica Levy says:

    I love your hair…I have 4a hair it's supa fine, and really tight coils all over!

  22. MzOpinionated says:

    You can tell you work out…You look beautiful

  23. nissi .xo says:

    Dudu-Osun had to be the best soap! It helped get rid of my eczema. 

  24. 101Corkscrews says:

    Great video. I never knew how to use that soap. Thx

  25. kitkatgoode says:

    I have the same curl pattern and density as you except I have high porosity hair. I started washing with black soap last year and I got crazy amounts of shedding, like a handful at a time, after a month or so. Thank God my hair is coming back to normal with only a tiny ball of shed hair at each wash or style. I am 3 years post now and going strong. 

  26. Rhonda Brown says:

    Your hair looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing

  27. mzriley10 says:

    So welcome. They sell that brand everywhere where I live, I'm gonna give that one a try. 

  28. weezie148 says:

    You only wash your hair once a month or do you co wash in between.

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