Spend Your Free Time Wisely Through Soap Making

An interesting and useful hobby which everyone can try is soap making. Soap is used to wash our hands when we get dirty, or wash our bodies whenever we take a shower. Other uses can be for washing clothes or dishes. In general, it is mainly used for washing things. But soap can also be used as an ornament in the bathroom, kitchen or even bedroom. A beautifully made and crafted soap can be a great addition to any room you desire, or it can simply make bath time a lot more fun.

The most important ingredients of soap making are fats and lye. Fats determine the type of soap that will be produced. Some types of fats may make soft or hard, and the amount of lather can also be affected by the type of fat used. Lye mixed with water and used to hydrolyze fat in a process called saponification. An easier way is to use store bought glycerin soap as you will not need to mix lye and fat anymore.

The conversion of fats to soap can be done through a cold or hot method. The cold method involves adding of the fat into a previously prepared lye water mixture. This is mixed and poured into melts that have been dipped into cold water. The hot method is almost the same but the fat will be heated before mixing it with the lye water. The mixture is then further heated for two hours before it is ready for use. The cold method is known to produce longer lasting soap.

When your soap mixture is ready, you can now add the other ingredients to make it more aesthetically pleasing. When used properly, dyes together with molds, will be able to produce designs such as food, animals or even electronic equipment. It will just need some practice before you get the hang of how to use both of these properly. Fragrance oils will further add to your soap’s appeal as it will not only look good, but smell good too.

Even though soap making may seem an easy and safe activity to do, you should always remember that lye is a dangerous substance. It has a strong corrosive effect that could cause burns or blindness on prolonged contact. Fumes are also harmful when inhaled. Gloves and masks should always be used when dealing with this material.

Soap making is a fun activity that even kids can do. It will give them something to do with their hands while stimulating their creative minds as well. Just be sure to keep an eye on them when using lye, or use the safer glycerin soap to make sure that they are safe from the harmful effects of lye.

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