Teeth Whitening From Ancient Times To Modern Day

These days tooth whitening is performed in a way which will not only whiten your teeth dramatically but will also not damage the teeth. The most common treatments are take home whitening kits, laser teeth whitening treatments and you may also have heard of smile strips. Tooth whitening has become one of the fastest growing cosmetic dental treatments and no teeth filing, animal hair or urine is involved!

Toothbrushes as we recognise them today first originated in China in the 15th century. The bristles were made from hog’s hair and the handle from bone. These early versions of the toothbrush were then brought to Europe by traders who had visited China. Until this introduction of the toothbrush to Europe the main method of cleaning teeth was the toothpick.

When Louis Pasteur’s findings about bacteria and germs became public knowledge it made the thought of putting animal hair into one’s mouth understandably less popular and as a result the search was on for a replacement. In the 1930s the discovery of nylon transformed the toothbrush, although dentists did not recommend the early nylon toothbrushes as they were too hard and tended to damage the gums. However by the 1950s a softer form of nylon was developed and the use of nylon toothbrushes took off.

Toothpaste in its early form was made from pumice stone and vinegar and was used by the ancient Egyptians. Later, the Romans developed their own version toothpaste which was made from urine and as disgusting as it sounds, this form of toothpaste was still in use as late as the 18th century! In fact this form of toothpaste has been proved to be very effective.

It is not a well known fact but a couple of hundred years ago it was actually barbers who would perform cosmetic teeth whitening treatment. Although many of you may have heard that barbers used to perform tooth extractions, you probably hadn’t heard that barbers used to perform a form of teeth whitening treatment by filing the teeth down and then dabbing them with acid. This treatment tended to do more harm than good however.

You’ll be pleased to hear that tooth whitening is a lot less painful and a lot more effective treatment these days. The teeth whitening treatments these days include take home kits, laser teeth whitening and smile strips. It is now the fastest growing treatment in the world of cosmetic dentistry and no such things as animal hair or urine are involved!

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