The Best Anti Aging Products – An Overview

Skin aging usually happens due to reduced cell division and regeneration. Today there are various products in the market that treat such skin aging problems, and most of them contain a basic chemical composition that treats skin dehydration, acts as a sunscreen to protect the skin from hyper-formation of vitamin D and encourages the skin tissue to generate collagen and elastin, which reduces the formation of wrinkles. What follows is an overview of what to expect from the best anti aging products.

Before using any type of skin product or cosmetic, a patch test is a must – that is, one must take a generous amount of the product (cream, lotion, or oil) and apply it in areas like the inner elbow or the inner knee. If the skin does not react negatively to it (blemishes, reddening and burning sensation or eruptions), then the product is suited for that particular skin type. Otherwise, one should change it.

According to a renowned skin product company, there are mainly seven signs of skin aging: dry skin, wrinkles, age spots and blemishes, rough and flaky skin, appearance of pores, dullness, and uneven skin surface. The product they manufacture contains salicylic acid as its main compound, which helps fight against skin aging. At the same time, it is free of comedogen, which is responsible for clogging pores.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun attack the collagen of the skin and permanently damage DNA. A suntan is a protective reaction of the skin, which generates melanin (a brown pigment, hence the color of the tan). Therefore, it is necessary to use a sun block if one stays out in the sun or on the beach for long.

While using a sunscreen one should check the level of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). The SPF blocks the UV rays of the sun from reacting with the skin tissue for a limited period of time, and the higher the SPF level, the stronger and longer is the protection.

What is not often realized, however, is that type A UV rays can cause skin aging and damage even without the physical signs (burning, reddening etc). Common sunscreens do not protect the skin from UVA. Only those containing zinc oxide, avobenzone, and ecamsule are effective enough and can be said to be among the best anti aging products.

Skin aging can also be combated by using natural, herbal products. Although native mostly to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, one of the most effective and best anti aging products in this case is neem (Azadirachta indica). Nowadays, neem supplements in the form of creams and capsules are available all over the world.

Sage is an effective anti aging fruit. Modern research has proved it contains anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps in weight loss and for treating Alzheimer’s.

On the negative side, chemicals like acrylamide used to coagulate skin products (causes cancer), alcohols like ethyl, methanol and benzyl (causes dehydration and destroys collagen of skin), toluene used for fragrance (causes liver and kidney damage) and collagen fiber derived from cowhide (not absorbable by the skin), should be avoided when choosing the best anti aging products.

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