The Best Natural Skin Care Lines Stand Apart in Quality and Effectiveness

The number of natural skin care lines on the market has increased dramatically over the last ten years or so. The reason is obvious. People don’t want synthetic chemicals on their bodies. They realize the dangers caused by synthetics and they are ready for something different.

But, in some cases, companies take advantage of that desire. The term “natural” is used merely to attract customers. The companies are not dedicated to providing the highest quality or the safest ingredients available.

Other challenges exist, even for companies that want to provide the best skincare solutions. Compounds that are good for the skin’s health are not necessarily those that can be worn under makeup or applied with ease and comfort. Some processing must occur.

Typically, manufacturers take the raw ingredients and “emulsify” them. To emulsify something like a plant extract, it is mixed with oils and water until a creamy consistency is created.

Other beneficial ingredients must be dehydrated and then mixed with an appropriate base cream. Honey is a good example. Many natural skin care lines include honey in their products, because of its traditional use to help heal and prevent infections. But, recent research has shown that only a few varieties have antibacterial or antiseptic activity.

Manuka is one of the varieties that have a high degree of antibacterial activity. It is also a unique antioxidant.

Antioxidants are very important to the skin’s health, particularly as time goes by. Dermatological researchers have found that older skin contains more free radicals and fewer antioxidants to neutralize them. Overexposure to the sun depletes the skin’s antioxidant capacity. With antioxidant-rich creams, it is possible to supplement the skin’s antioxidant content and win the battle against free radicals.

Many natural skin care lines include antioxidants in their creams, lotions and cleansers. But, only a few of them have proven effectiveness. Manuka honey is one. Coenzyme Q10 is another.

In several clinical trials, coenzyme Q10 has been shown to reverse wrinkling, repair sun damage and improve the skin’s moisture content. You could say that the researchers have been amazed by the results and that would be true.

Proteins are common foundations for many natural skin care lines, but the processes used to make the protein water soluble often cause the formation of hazardous contaminants. If contaminants are not formed, the proteins are simply rendered ineffective. Their nature is changed through processing.

A few companies have learned to process the protein keratin, without creating contaminants are rendering it ineffective. Keratin is the protein building-block that makes up the skin’s four to five outer layers. One of its functions is to absorb water. Research has shown that creams containing the active form of keratin improve the skin’s moisture content by more than 20% after the first use. They also improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

If you have any problems with dryness, keratin is the ingredient for you. Not many natural skin care lines are using active keratin, but, if you’re smart, you’ll only buy from companies that do.

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