The Right Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home | Beauty How To

Gel manicures allow us to wear polish for weeks at a time without experiencing a single chip. But many of us have experienced a bad removal — from peeling or sanding off the polish — which can make your nails thin and fragile and can even break them. So what is the right way to remove gels safely, without causing damage? We give you each step, so you can start clean at home. Product: OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover On Kirbie: Alice & Olivia dress

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Items used
Clear stiletto nail tips (eBay)
NSI polybond brush on nail glue
NSI Balance Bond
NSI Balance clear builder gel
Glitter dots (Glitter Heaven Australia)
Reflections Glitter (Glittergasm)
Girl Power Gel polish (Madam Glam)
Madam Glam Top Gel

Filmed on my iPhone 6 plus
Edited using iMovie for iPhone
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39 thoughts on “The Right Way to Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home | Beauty How To”

  1. Debbie McIver says:

    Wow that's magic that was very useful tip

  2. Shella Hablizel says:

    i have mixed acetone, can I use that?

  3. Bunny Lover says:

    i just peel off with fngrs…works for me

  4. worldofnaz says:

    This was painful to watch. This is not how you should take off your gel nail polish, just file the shine off then it should come off quickly with nail polish remover.

  5. Jess and Matthew says:

    Can you do this with fake gel nails

  6. Jillian Riker says:

    meh ill jus peel the off

  7. Farah Kajjaj says:

    very good tip it actually works thank you soooooooo much ………..

  8. QueueTeaPi says:

    This tutorial alone makes me want to just go back to normal nail polish. I like the shine of gel, but this seems so time consuming

  9. Sylvia Danthon says:

    Thanks. It worked wonderfully. 

  10. SpontSteph914 says:

    You have to break the seal of the gel. File over the shine before u do all this

  11. Krystle Grayson says:

    Does this work for Nexgen nails, too?

  12. Abigail Galan says:

    I often doubt of what I see on the videos. So, I didn't believe it, but I just did it and worked!!!! Thanks!

  13. Tiffany Bagao says:

    it worked! thank u so much!!

  14. Tiffiony Keys says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am going to try this tonight. I think it is very unhealthy to file your nail to remove the gel.

  15. Jenny Rasco says:

    thank you.

  16. Andrea S says:

    This worked perfectly for me! I don't know why it's not working for so many people :/

  17. adriana gomez says:

    Idk why people are saying this doesnt work. Its literally fool proof as long as youre using pure acetone.

  18. Sarah Ham says:

    now there is a nails vanish remover no need to take that way

  19. Cheyenne Young says:

    Will nail polish remover work if i use it instead of acetone?

  20. Katelyn Brown says:

    After reading the comments, I didn't think it would work..But it worked just like the video!! Thanks so much! :)

  21. Genesis Morales says:

    What brush do you use to add the glitter??

  22. RiRi Ray says:

    please do more gel videos like these !!

  23. Kita says:

    How do I order the Reflections Glitter?

  24. Bertie Torres says:


  25. andemaiar says:

    Wow, I love these! I'm also really happy to have found an Aussie nail tech on YouTube! I'm still training to be a nail tech so I learnt a lot from your video. Thanks :)

  26. Wendy Gill says:

    absolutely lovely perfect

  27. SweetNails Sherri C says:

    Love this tfs xo

  28. Monica R says:

    Wooooow sooo pretty!! Love iiit ^_^

  29. Anell8325 says:

    Thank you for the link!!!

  30. Dante Velasquez says:

    that is GORGEOUS!

  31. Bels Gels says:

    these are beautiful Chantelle. I love the colours and the shape x

  32. TinysNailArt says:

    beautiful! 😍

  33. TinysNailArt says:

    beautiful! 😍

  34. Liz's Acrylic Nails says:

    These are sooooo cute! I love them. Awesome job as always xx ps it's so good to hear you speak.. Your accent is adorable lol xx

  35. wow4nails says:

    just love it……..

  36. wow4nails says:

    just love it……..

  37. TinysNailArt says:


  38. KrafteezNails says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing!! ❤

  39. BeGlamorous Nails says:

    Loveeeeee😍 it so simple but fabulous ur videos are awesome yayyy upload more lol😝 tfs 💋

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