Uncover How To Remove Unsightly Pimple Scars By Using These Easy Natural Treatments

They told us we shouldn’t pop our pimples, but many of us have and so we’ve been left with scars! It is not a pleasant experience to put up with acne scars so listed below are some natural treatments to get rid of them which will result in a more normalized skin appearance.

Bees in New Zealand that feed on the manuka plants or on tea tree plants make manuka honey. The special properties of active manuka honey give it better bacteria-fighting abilities relative to regular honey, and twice-daily application will lead to reduction in the visibility of scars from acne.

A natural antibacterial, citric acid obtained from lemons, can also be applied to the skin to lighten dark patches. In order to fade acne scars, apply lemon juice to the area twice daily, washing it off after 15-20 minutes.

Apply a moisturizing cream or lotion to your skin because it may feel dry after you’ve used lemon juice on it. You can make a paste to put on your face by mixing rose water into the same amount of sandalwood powder.

You should allow it to dry thoroughly, which generally requires letting it sit for an hour or overnight if possible, and then massage the substance on your skin for several minutes using damp fingertips before you rinse it off. When you want to soothe irritated skin, use sandalwood, which has been an effective skin treatment for over a thousand years.

Use a juicer or a blender to extract all the juice from a cucumber then apply the juice to the skin using a cotton ball. Cucumber contains natural skin lightening agents much like lemon does but there is no acidity so your skin remains moist allowing you to keep cucumber slices on your face for an extended period of time.

Combine some baking soda with a touch of water to generate a thick paste. Lather the concoction onto your face and rub in for about 60 seconds before cleansing.

This paste you apply will exfoliate your skin and gently scrub away dry skin as it fades dark spots. If you have interest in getting rid of your acne scars, and you have a bit of patience, give these natural remedies a shot and you could see be seeing a difference in as little as three weeks.

You can use a special product to lighten skin and reduce the scars of acne, but remember that natural healing treatments may take a longer time to work.

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