What Causes Wrinkles and How to Eliminate Them

Ever wonder how many times you had been reading various online articles on what causes wrinkles on your skin? Lucky for you if this is your first time. At least, you would not be wasting your money and time anymore looking for effective cures, provided you read this article in full.

Find out now if this article merits your time and effort. If you are dead serious in finally eliminating your wrinkles, then take seriously what I am about to tell you here.

What causes wrinkles would sometimes still mystify many women. Most assume that it has to do with aging, unhealthy habits and lifestyles, among others. To a certain extent, that is true. Let me explain further.

The body produces its own supply of collagen and elastin molecules. Our body does not source the out from external sources, except the requisite nutrients to provide the right condition for their production.

Collagen and elastin bind together to create collagen bundles. These bundles are the ones you commonly found in your skin layers, including your bones and ligaments. These are the ones primarily responsible in providing tensile strength of the skin cells and tissues. Essentially, they make your skin firm and elastic.

However, as we advance in age, the natural ability of the body to reproduce replacement collagen bundles weakens. This eventually led to diminished collagen supply along the dermal layers, finally resulting to the softening of the skin and gradual loss of flexibility.

When this happens, wrinkles begin to appear. If left untreated, those ugly lines that easily betray your age become permanent and hard to remove. They are likely to stay for the rest of your life.

When they appear to be permanent, some women, after being exasperated with plenty of skin care regimens, would easily fall prey to expensive and temporary solutions, such as surgery and collagen injections. I suppose you know that these offer only palliative remedies.

Having concisely discussed what causes wrinkles, all we need to do know is to identify what specific solutions we can use to treat your wrinkles.

Modesty aside, I can authoritatively say that all you need to do is just help your body produce more collagen bundles in order to augment their continuous demise. Use a specific skin care cream that contains natural ingredients only. Countless studies and clinical tests have now identified these ingredients.

Always go for those containing Cynergy TK, Coenzyme Q10, Phytessence Wakame and Manuka Honey. They are long recognized to boost natural collagen regeneration compared to other ingredients.

I tell you, after having used them myself, you need not give any second thought about their effectiveness. Knowing what best removes wrinkles is as easy as knowing what causes wrinkles then.

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