Wrinkle Mask – How to Look Younger With Less Wrinkles!

I still distinctly remember my mother’s sister; she used to wear a light green wrinkle mass. As young kids, we would tease her and, like her, also walk around the house and mimic a typical extra terrestrial entity. Well, that was my aunt. She’s over 50 years old now and still have those wrinkles that have now deepened further.

Martian look

Older versions of wrinkle masks needed to be worn for almost half an hour of more. They came in varying colors. When done, you need to peel them off and wash your face again. Facial cleaners were not that popular then. People were just using soaps that were later found out to contain harmful chemicals. Every time my aunt took the peel off, she was like an ET coming from Mars and suddenly transforming into a human being. Gone was the light green mask and so was the Martian in my aunt.

Modern versions of wrinkle masks are now colorless. You do not have to peel them off since most of them are absorbed by the skin or soaked up upon application. Probably you are now aware of the harmful chemicals that are present in some skin care products. Knowing this helps you avoid irritation, unwanted side effects and even permanent damage. Choose only those which are made of natural ingredients without preservatives and synthetic compounds.

Deep cleaning wrinkle mask

Experts suggest this effective wrinkle reduction tip. You need to get hold of masks that do really work without extra nuisance. One very effective wrinkle mask is one that actively cleanses even the deeper layers of the skin. This is usually done every two weeks. This is very effective in removing the toxins lying underneath and the dead cells that continue to accumulate on the skin surface.

For a truly effective deep cleansing wrinkle mask, it must contain essential substances. Check if it has kaolin. It is a special extract taken from a special clay found in New Zealand. It is known to remove the grease and excess oil on the skin surface. Macadamia oil is widely regarded to help protect cells from the onslaught of free radicals and toxins that cause rapid aging of the cells. A natural compound extracted from certain herbs, called allantoin, helps stimulate the skin by making it smoother and more stable. Other helpful substances are shea butter, Manuka Honey from New Zealand and Cynergy TK. The last one helps in the production of collagen, although its effectiveness when simply applied topically is doubtful. Collagen producing agents must be able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin to help promote collagen regeneration.

Hydrating mask

Another wrinkle reduction tip is the use of a mask that is designed to deeply rehydrate the skin when applied. It is most effective if also done twice a month. Remember that moisture is essential for the lubrication and proper functioning of the skin tissues. Dry skins are likely to develop wrinkles earlier than moist skin types. This mask restores the moisture balance in your skin. Look for masks that contain Cynergy TK, Nanobelle Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E. Substantial amount of plant oil and extracts also help you acquire natural anti-oxidants to fight free radicals.

Do yourself a favor and get one of those wrinkle masks now.

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