Wunder Eye Cream For Treating Dark Circles

Eyes are the most attractive part of one’s face. When there is no speaking required, the eyes communicate whatever the mind thinks. A powerful, strong eye contact says how confident a person is. In exactly opposite context, which is surrounded by blemishes and periorbital circles makes a person look older, tired, dull, sleepy and less attractive. It also reduces the beauty of an individual considerably.
What are dark circles?
Periorbital circles, as the name suggests, are dark blemishes around the orbit of the eyes caused due to several reasons, the common being fatigue and loss of sleep.
The under eye parts are the thinnest in the human body and is almost 4 times fragile than the normal skin which measures about 2 mm. These blemishes are actually blood vessels that can be seen through the skin. The thinner the skin is, the darker are the blemishes.
What causes periorbital circles?
* Heredity -This can be passed on though genes
* Fatigue/lack of sleep – this is probably a very common cause of dark circles. Exhaustion leads to paleness. The paler the skin is, the more visible are the dark circles
* Medication – Few medication can dilate blood vessels making them visible
* Improper diet
* Internal health conditions
* Ageing
* Low intake of potassium etc.
Wunder eye cream
Wunder eye cream is manufactured by Glenmark. It effectively fights dark circles and blemishes under the eye. This product contains 2 main ingredients, Proteasyl and biophytex. Both these products help firm up the affected area, builds collagen and strengthens the capillary wall which is important for circulating oxygen, proteins and amino acids.
The below are the benefits of this wonderful product:
* It lightens the dark blemishes & pigmentation under the eyes
* It removes fine lines and wrinkles
* It helps to improve elasticity & firmness
* It reduces the puffiness under the eyes
What are the properties of this cream?
* Comes in an user friendly tube that is small and easy to carry
* Lightens skin blemishes and dark lines
* The quantity of product can be effectively controlled each time
* Extremely light in texture
* Gets easily absorbed
* Not oily and hence non-comedogenic in nature
* Makes skin firmer
* Reduces puffiness
* Removes fine lines and wrinkles
* Keeps under eyes are moisturized
This product can be used 2-3 times a day. Take a small quantity of the cream and apply on cleansed area around and under the eyes. Gently massage for a couple of minutes until the cream is completely absorbed. You can follow up with your regular beauty products.
Since the cream is for external use only, avoid direct contact with eyes. For people suffering from mild to dark blemishes, this cream is a perfect solution. This can also be due to certain internal medical conditions. Hence consult a doctor in case you find the problem which persistent over a long period of time.

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